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Style Hacks for Modern Dandies

Style Hacks for Modern Dandies

barefoot beard business 2188848 Style Hacks for Modern Dandies

The Modern Dandy is one of the most embraced styles for men who really take the time to put effort into their appearance.

Think of it as the classic gentleman with a contemporary twist: suits are accepted, original imprint is encouraged. It might not be the most affordable style in the world, with high fashion pieces that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it is very rewarding from multiple points of view.

The basic rules of dandy fashion are pretty strict, but we have found a few ways in which you can bend them according to your needs, budget and personality.

Discover these style hacks for modern dandies and learn the tricks of the trade like a professional stylist.

Tailored Suits

tai Style Hacks for Modern Dandies

Ok, so you don’t have thousands to spend on a sur mesure suit, but you can still look like a million dollar modern dandy with the help of one simple style hack: tailoring.

Take any suit that you have and get them tailored so they fit you perfectly. The same goes for blazers or pants separately; they should fit your body shape effortlessly.

This is a golden rule for shoppers both with and without budgets; even if you can afford to buy an expensive suit, you should still make sure that it wraps your body well by consulting a tailor.

Polished Shoes

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You already know that every modern dandy needs leather shoes to complete his outfit. However, not all men who want to nail the dandy look have the necessary budget to invest in dozens of leather shoes (they can get on the pricey side). What you can do is take care of the existing pairs that you have. Giving your shoes a good weekly polish with a high quality polish product can make a humongous difference in your appearance. Your shoes will always look new, shiny and very well taken care of. As a side note, we recommend the choice of brown leather for dandies.

Get the Ideal Bag

True style can be spotted in the use of details. We are not encouraging you to over-accessorize, but just make sure that the two or three accessories you do choose are perfect. One of the best ways to show off your sense of dandy fashion is to wear a vintage leather briefcase for men. If a few years back men were apprehensive about wearing bags, now the trend is all the rage, especially for fashionable gentlemen. This accessory will also come in handy when you have busy days in the city with errands to run from place to place.

No Creases

fresco Style Hacks for Modern Dandies

The years of careless adolescence are long gone; if you want to look as sharp as an authentic dandy, you have to say good bye to creases for good.

Be careful how you fold and hang your clothes, and run an iron over them if you find a crease or two.

Make sure that you iron your pieces correctly and at the right temperature so you do not ruin the fabric. For special pieces like thick blazers or coats, we recommend that you get them cleaned and dried professionally from time to time.

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Trim Your Beard

barefoot beard business 2188848 Style Hacks for Modern Dandies

Dandies can easily go with or without beards, but those who decide on maintaining facial hair need to take care of it. Your beard can be full and long, but just make sure that it is always well-trimmed.

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There is a very fine line between artistic ruggedness and amateur carelessness, so tread softly. The same goes for haircuts and styling; keep your do in tip top shape at all times and consider investing in a well-trained barber or stylist to get your look right.

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Wear it Like a Pro
You might not have the money to buy designer clothes all year long, but the essence of style lies elsewhere.

No matter what pieces you have (luxury or inexpensive), make sure you wear them right. Study styling guides for matching colors and fabrics and make the most of your situation. In addition to this, always know when to let go of a piece of clothing if too many years have passed.

It’s better to have a smaller closet that looks extraordinary than a full one with outdated, worn and torn pieces.

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