Myntra NewFormalwear for men jumped leaps and bounds to give us an intelligent avatar. Don’t believe us?

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Stylish men ask a lot of questions to keep their attire in sync with the global fashion world. Smart men, on the other hand, are already light years ahead with their newfound answers. Here are four ways Invictus, Myntra’s in-house brand has made menswear more intelligent.

Button-down shirts for men have defined formalwear for decades now. A crisp collar is the mark of a well-tailored, well-ironed shirt. Invictus has taken charge to keep your collar in place.

Invictus’ ‘Metal of Honour’ formal shirts come with a metal collar bone and an embedded magnet under the collar. These magnetic collars always make your collars stand straight and take care of those fly-away collar woes that give a shabby impression.

Pockets have transformed over the years from big slouchy sockets in pants to the contemporary compact version. But Invictus’ new range of trousers has given a new meaning to compact with their fresh inconspicuous compartments. These seamless pockets are difficult to pin-point making it impossible for pick-pockets to make a clean sweep.


Have you ever eaten so much that you think your trousers will pop anytime? Well… we can all nod in agreement to that. Don’t alter your eating habits, swap your pants instead! Eat to your heart’s desire and make a smart move by investing in Invictus’ formal trousers with well-concealed (don’t worry!) elastic waistbands.
Now even if you’re a few kilos heavier, it’s still possible to slip into your old tailored pants!

Wish you had your very own secret pocket to stash away those crisp notes? In that case, Invictus is your genie that has incorporated secret pockets complete with invisible zips.
These pockets are placed close to the side seam of your pants and trust us when we say; they’re almost invisible to the naked eye! And unlike your grandfather’s briefs with hidden pockets underneath, stashing things away in this one is anything but embarrassing!

Words: Swati Deogire, Myntra LookGood Advisor

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