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Priya Chakraborty

pri Priya Chakraborty

There is a thing about ‘nu*ity’; we all like it in private, but the moment it shows it shades in public, we become so against it, as if, we have never seen ourselves in the mirror and admired what we see (if you are worth it that is).

Then there is a thing of talking about celebrities who claim that they would take-off their clothes, for whatever reasons, which to be honest, sounds only like a headline grabbing tactics to me.

However, I have always been fascinated by people who work primarily as nu*e or art models. Why? Well, I believe there is a certain aura of freedom about them! For them, it’s not about the glamour of the ramp, or the mileage that they would get if seen on big hoardings across the country/city…. for them… it’s all about being free from their body and being involved with their souls.

Make no mistake about it, once these models take-off their clothes in front of a photographer for the shoot, they are not only showing them their body, but also taking out their inner-being to be appreciated with the amalgamation of the body art that is to be shot.

I came across one such girl from Kolkata; Priya Chakraborty! Surprisingly enough, she is a very introvert and a shy girl, but the moment we started speaking, I was blown away with her thought process and her courage to do what she is doing i.e. N*de Modeling

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“For me, it has never been about my body. For me, it’s always been about my soul. How comfortable am I in sharing my self-being with the rest of the world. Luckily, my family and my fiancé support me a lot for my work and when people around you give such positive vibes, then it’s needless to say, mustering courage to go for what you want to, becomes a lot easier.”

Here’s a little more about the girl …. That exists in her own ways!

Name: Priya Chakraborty
Birthplace: Kolkata
Current location: Kolkata
Measurements as of now: 32b- 26-34

N*dity for me is: Raw beauty. Covered by skin and nature
I don’t mind posing n*de because: It’s not a sin.
I think my best physical feature is: Waist, belly and naval .
Men say my best physical feature is: Belly.
I would have s*x with a guy on first date, only if: He looks like Enrique Iglesias. I have a huge crush on him.
S*xiest woman ever, and why: Angelina Jolie… you need a reason??? She is perrrrrfect from in every possible way.

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Best memories so far from my previous shoots: While working for Mr. Sanatan Dinda, who is a very famous body paint artist, I had my whole body covered in paint and I was unable to move even an inch. I was literally standing like a statue for the whole duration of the shoot.

After a while, I felt very hungry, but could not move, so he fed me by his own hands, which was a very touching thing to do.
What my parents think about my work: They appreciate and respect!
My best trait is: Winky smile
My worst habit is: I am very short-tempered.
I wish more men would: Respect girls and their freedom. Don’t judge by their clothes. Do not underestimate.
The key to my heart is: Honesty and friendly behaviour
Compliment me on: Style and attitude
Pet name for my b**bs: Minnie and Daisy

What I love about my b**bs: They are very cute
When it comes to my body, please do: Comment on my waist.
Most important rule or rules of bedroom etiquette: be clean and be aggressive 😉
Physical feature I like to show off: Waist curves
A superficial thing I am attracted to: Vampire n Werewolves
My favorite physical feature on a man : Firm hands
The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is: Praise me and give me chocolates
I will not even give you a second look if: You have bad hairstyle
If you come to my house, don’t criticize: My bedroom

The last movie that made me laugh: Hotel Transylvania-2
The last movie that made me cry: Twilight Saga
My philosophy of love: Always and forever.
My philosophy of s*x: Emotion in motion 😉
My philosophy of life: You are always young to dream

Words: SV

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