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Isha Sharma

Isha Sharma

Many would have thought that an electronic engineer, can only be that; an electronic engineer! But Isha Sharma; a Delhi girl, with dreams of making it big on the silver screen, quits being one and decides to become an actor. Within a year of joining the hustling life of Mumbai, Isha has become a prominent face on the Indian television industry.
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It’s natural to say that she is destined for bigger things in life. We at got a chance to interact with the hot damsell herself and get to know her better!

SR: In just a year you have become a prominent face on Indian television. Tell us about the journey!
It’s been a wonderful year for me as an actor. It was full of surprises and unexpected milestones that I feel extremely happy for. Since I’m not a trained actor, this has been an extremely learning and endearing experience for me. My character of Kritika was pretty intense and had a wonderful journey which allowed me the learn different shades of the characters – negative to positive. This was a dream come true for me,

SR: From electronic engineering to modeling. How did the transformation happen?
I always wanted to be an actor. As a child i would fancy the thought of ‘how i would look on tv’. So the process was very simple. The only challenge I faced, was with my parents, as I thought they will not understand, but by gods grace they took the news happily and are extremely supportive of my decision.

SR: What kind of identity do you want to create for yourself in the television/cinema industry?
Commercially, as well as, critically acclaimed.

Isha Sharma, Bollywood Actors, Isha Sharma Hot, Hot Models India, Bollywood News, StyleRug Eye Candy, Gorgeous Girls, InstaGirls

Isha Sharma, Bollywood Actors, Isha Sharma Hot, Hot Models India, Bollywood News, StyleRug Eye Candy, Gorgeous Girls, InstaGirls

SR: What kind of roles would you want to be a part of in the Indian cinema?
IA: As an actor I want to do variety of roles and not be typecast.

SR: Looking at you, it is easy to say that glamour comes naturally to you. Do you see yourself getting involved with off-beat roles that demand higher rate of acting and less of body impressions?
As an actor it’s my job to do justice to the character that I am playing. So whatever body shape and look of the character is, whether it’s off beat, no make-up or glamorous, I will adapt to it.

SR: Talk us through your workout regime.
I swim 5 days in a week and yoga thrice a week. Meditation is a must for me everyday. I ensure 15 minutes in the day are given to myself.

SR: To what I know, you like to be a trend setter instead of a follower. Tell us more about your style quotient.
I believe every individual has their own style, but trends keep changing and a person should wear whatever works for them according to their body shape, and overall physique, instead of blindly following trends. So this is what I do and luckily I have a petite frame so I have a lot of options. Generally, I dress according to my mood and I am picky with colors, so I kind of balance, how I am feeling with the styling of my clothes.

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Isha Sharma, Bollywood Actors, Isha Sharma Hot, Hot Models India, Bollywood News, StyleRug Eye Candy, Gorgeous Girls, InstaGirls
Quick Fire:

Birthplace: Delhi
Current location: Mumbai
Measurements as of now: 34-26-34
I think my best physical feature: face and hair
I would have sex with a guy on first date, only if: he is Brad Pitt
Tattoos and what they mean: I don’t have one, but may have one soon. But I think a tattoo should be done only if it has a significance and personal meaning to you rather than a style statement.
My best trait is: practical application of knowledge in general
My worst habit is: that I am very short tempered
I wish more men would: believe and work towards gender equality
The key to my heart is: great food and good conversation
When it comes to my body, please do: not judge! I am naturally slim, I am not anorexic and I do not diet.
Physical feature I like to show off: legs and collar bones
The sexiest outfit I will wear in public: versace gown with side n back cut outs
A superficial thing I am attracted to: eye color especially blue n green ones
My favorite physical feature on a man: jaw line and height
My favorite trait in a man: mannerisms
A man will impress me if: chivalrous
A man will turn me on if: can’t handle his drink or is outspoken or smell bad
A man will disappoint me if: he is way too serious by nature
I will not even give you a second look if: u have a pot belly
Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: I can’t believe you are single!
I will sleep with you when: I know for a fact that you’re Brad Pitt
I will never sleep with you if: you get caught lying that you’re Brad Pitt
Don’t you dare: talk illogically with me
I am the best in the world at: convincing people
I need a man who will: add on to my life in every way possible
If you come to my house, don’t criticize: my furniture
The last movie that made me laugh: The Jungle Book

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