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Donna Katherine Masih

Donna Katherine Masih

Donna Katherine Masih Donna Katherine Masih

We first met Donna Katherine Masih, three years back, over a cup of coffee and were immediately given an impression that – here is a model, who not only looks good but can also communicate with the same finesse. Today, as one of the darling models of probably all the leading designers in India, she fits the bill of being that ‘perfect girl’ (and now you can easily guess that this post is written by a guy ;)).

We caught up with our old friend recently and talked at length about her life and much more…

SR: Talk us through your early days in modeling. How did it start?
DKM: Modeling was never really a plan, but nor was I closed to the idea. And thankfully my family was supportive and allowed me to give it a try. As the profession grew on me, I took up a more focused and professional approach towards it and there has been no looking back since then.

SR: Do you recall your first campaign? How did it feel when you faced the camera for the first time?
DKM: My very first campaign, I might not remember, but I do remember one of my first campaign shoots. It was for Motorola and was being shot by Bharat Sikka. Once the makeup artist – Yasmin Rodgers briefed me about Bharat while doing my makeup and I got so nervous about working with him that I went into statue mode. Thank gosh he was so easy going that once he broke the ice with me and told me to relax, and I started warming up, the shoot turned out to be just fab. But the way I froze, it was certainly hilarious.

About when I faced the camera first, it was for my portfolio. That was the first time I faced the lens, and surprisingly it didn’t seem as stressful as I thought it would be. It all just flowed in.

SR:Models often take steps towards beauty pageants while they are starting off their career. What’s your take on it?
DKM: I think that beauty pageants offer young talent a perfect platform to not only starting your career but also testing your skills and strengths and giving you better direction and personality building. If a model understands this and uses the opportunity to the best, then I think it’s a good step.

SR: You have walked for almost all the leading names in the industry. Who is that one designers you admire the most and why?
DKM: That’s a tough one, as I don’t have respect and admiration for just one designer. I am very fortunate that I have got to work with so many leading names, and they are all the leading names for their perspectives and takes on fashion, creativity and design, hence, giving one name is difficult for me 

SR: Looking at your tremendously shaped body, I have to ask you the secret behind it. Is it God’s gift or less of eating and hard workout?
DKM: Firstly, thank you for the compliment. It’s working out and being watchful about what you eat but never dieting or eating less. Maybe god’s been kind too, but id always stand by exercising not just to be in good shape but for over all well being.

SR: Do you play or follow any sports?
DKM: Ummmm, used to play basketball and badminton, but now- a- days, not really into it! As far as following a sport, may be cricket, but only if I start following from the very first match of the series concerned. And soccer, though I don’t follow it religiously, but when I do, then I refresh the rules with my friends and get super engrossed.

SR: How do you take care of your skin. Considering that you travel so much and have no real fixed schedule of work, it must be a tough task, isn’t it?
DKM: It sure is tough and especially in my case as I have many skin hazards and perhaps still deal with ongoing problems. But over the years and routine,I’ve learnt that the best think you can do for your skin is to let it breathe and keep yourself well hydrated. And to always clean your face before hitting the bed at night, no matter how tired you are.

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SR: Tell us that one secret of yours that no one knows.
DKM: If everyone asked me this question, one by one, id be left no secrets at all… imagine. So I am gonna pass this one and leave you guys guessing.

SR: Is Donna single or taken?
DKM: Depends on ‘who’s’ asking …

SR: What is the idea of romance to you. Also your take on that perfect man for a woman ?
DKM: I am big on the whole romantic thing. I could say dinners and flowers and surprises and holidays etc etc, but I think end of the day, two people still having that twinkle in the eye for each other and a smile that says it all. A look that conveys how happy they are to have each other and that ‘hug’….being able to cook a meal with my significant other in perhaps just a jumper and sweat-pants and us both being able to share god laughs, have bad arguments and have rocking make up sessions! I would be floored with that kind of romance!

Perfection is over- rated. But any man who can RESPECT a woman, offer genuine FRIENDSHIP to her & feel sincere PASSION for her, would pretty much make a perfect man for a woman.

SR: Do you have any after modeling career planned? If yes, then what is it?
DKM: I am creatively inclined as an individual and my post modeling plans would revolve around that. But still working on my other interests and options. Not just as a career option but also to fulfill and enrich myself more.

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