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Top Five Controversial Moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix

Top Five Controversial Moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix

schumacher Top Five Controversial Moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix has long been regarded as a thrilling and challenging race on the Formula 1 calendar.

Held annually at the Hungaroring near Budapest, Hungary, this race has witnessed its fair share of excitement, drama, and intense competition.

Over the years, certain incidents have occurred that left the motorsport community abuzz with controversy and debate.

In this article, we delve into the most controversial moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix, shedding light on the incidents that have defined the event’s history.

1997: The Schumacher-Coulthard Incident

schumacher Top Five Controversial Moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix

One of the most notorious moments in the history of the Hungarian Grand Prix took place in 1997. During the race, Michael Schumacher, driving for Ferrari, was leading when he approached the backmarker, David Coulthard, driving for McLaren. Coulthard, who was a lap down, seemed to impede Schumacher, resulting in a collision that ended the German driver’s race.

Furious with Coulthard’s actions, Schumacher confronted him after the race, creating a heated exchange in the paddock.

The incident sparked a contentious debate about sportsmanship and sparked animosity between the two drivers that lingered for years.

2010: The Team Orders Controversy

The 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix saw a controversial team orders incident involving Ferrari’s drivers, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. Massa was leading the race and had a genuine chance to secure victory, but the team ordered him to let Alonso pass, who was considered their title contender.

The switch ignited a storm of criticism and debate over the use of team orders to manipulate race outcomes.

Many argued that it undermined the essence of competitive racing and led to the introduction of stricter regulations governing team orders in subsequent seasons.

2007: McLaren’s “Lie-gate” Scandal

leiws Top Five Controversial Moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix

In 2007, McLaren found themselves embroiled in a major scandal at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The team was accused of spying on their main rival, Ferrari, by possessing confidential technical information. This scandal, known as “Lie-gate,” led to a bitter feud between McLaren’s drivers, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, as well as a huge fine and disqualification from the Constructors’ Championship.

The incident left a black mark on the sport’s reputation and highlighted the lengths some teams were willing to go to gain a competitive advantage.

2015: Maldonado vs. Lotus

2015 Maldonado vs. Lotus Top Five Controversial Moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix

Pastor Maldonado, notorious for his aggressive driving style, had an eventful 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix. The Venezuelan driver was involved in multiple incidents during the race, with the most notable being a collision with his own teammate, Romain Grosjean, on the first lap.

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The incident earned Maldonado a reputation as a reckless driver, and he faced criticism from fans and fellow drivers alike.

2019: Verstappen’s Controversial Overtake

2019 Verstappens Controversial Overtake Top Five Controversial Moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix

In 2019, Max Verstappen’s aggressive overtake on Valtteri Bottas on the first lap of the Hungarian Grand Prix drew considerable attention. Verstappen squeezed his Red Bull car on the inside of Turn 2, making contact with Bottas and pushing him off the track.

The stewards investigated the incident, but no further action was taken. The move ignited a debate on what constitutes fair racing and whether such bold maneuvers should be penalized more consistently.


The Hungarian Grand Prix has provided numerous moments of excitement and controversy over the years, showcasing the high stakes and competitive nature of Formula 1. From heated clashes between drivers to team orders’ divisive impact, these incidents have left an indelible mark on the race’s history.

As the event continues to evolve, fans and pundits alike eagerly await each year’s edition, hoping for more thrilling racing moments and, perhaps, even more controversial drama.

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