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Manish Raisinghan Recalls Delightful Childhood Memories Of I-Day

Manish Raisinghan Recalls Delightful Childhood Memories Of I-Day

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Actor Manish Raisinghan took a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about his cherished childhood memories of Independence Day celebrations.

Presently, Manish plays the role of Karan Pratap Singh in the television series ‘Kyunkii Tum Hi Ho’. When discussing Independence Day, he expressed, “Independence isn’t merely a term; it embodies an emotion that empowers us both individually and as a united nation. As an Indian, I take immense pride in this freedom.”

“As we commemorate this Independence Day, I’m appreciative of the rare luxury of a week off, which I intend to relish with some quality ‘me time’ and by creating lasting moments with my dear ones. Looking back, I can vividly recall the delightful childhood memories of Independence Day festivities. Games like the spoon and lemon race added a unique allure, complemented by awards that filled my heart with sheer delight,” shared Manish.

The actor emphasized the importance of responsible citizenship, urging everyone to contribute to positive change.

He stated, “Each one of us, irrespective of the scale of our perceived impact, holds the potential to make a difference. Commence by transforming yourself – small actions today can yield extraordinary transformations tomorrow.”

The show revolves around Kavya (Priyanka Dhavale) and Karan Pratap Singh. With Karan’s return, Kavya strives to accept him as her husband, gradually unveiling the blossoming love story between the two characters.

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Meanwhile, Kunal (Karan Khanna) has resurfaced as a transformed individual, shedding his previous cunning persona. The unfolding narrative will keep viewers intrigued as they determine whether this transformation is genuine or a mere facade.

‘Kyunkii Tum Hi Ho’ is broadcasted on Shemaroo Umang. Furthermore, Manish was recently featured in the social drama series ‘Nima Denzongpa’, aired on Colors.

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