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A Men’s Guide to Summer Shredding

A Men’s Guide to Summer Shredding

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Having an amazing body is always better than being overweight and not knowing what to do once the beach season arrives.

That’s why it’s important to think about these things beforehand and start preparing for the summer as early as April – or even earlier, if you’re super responsible! For all those who want to look their best on the beach, here are a few tips that might help you.

Losing fat or losing weight?

This is a dilemma for lots of people who are unsure whether losing weight is the same as losing fat, and which of these is actually healthier, better and more sensible.

First of all, you need to understand that you can lose a ton of unnecessary body fat – which is harmful, dangerous and actually quite bad for your health – without losing that much weight, or even gaining some!

There is a difference between the weight of muscles and the weight of fat, and it’s always better to be full of former instead of the latter, so find an eating and exercising regime that will help you get there – with the help of proteins, green tea, fish oil and water, you’ll achieve your goals in no time.

Be determined
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Most overweight people think they’ll never get leaner and being so negative creates a psychological barrier in their mind that prevents them from ultimately making any results and recording even the smallest progress.

That’s why you need to do two things: decide to start working towards a leaner and more attractive body, and actually stick to your decision every day of the week!

Being determined and ready to lose body fat one day and then eating an extra-large pizza the next makes no sense at all, so try to stay strong-minded and focused on your end goal. The results will come and you’ll surely reach that ideal shape you’ve always dreamed of.

Get some help

Unfortunately, we can’t do all of this on our own because – let’s face it – it’s hard. Coming up with a whole new daily schedule, introducing a new eating regime and sticking to your decision to work out as often as possible can take a toll on you, both mentally and physically, and you can get quite exhausted quite quickly.

That’s why you need to lean on other people and seek help – from your partner, children, family and friends, to complete strangers at the gym.

Hiring a reliable personal fitness trainer who can help you understand how to work out might be the best decision you’ve ever made, so think about this idea too. And give yourself a break from time to time – you’ve certainly deserved it!

Proper workout schedule
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Speaking of exercising, there’s another important thing you have to remember: simply going to the gym isn’t enough unless you put your mind into it and are ready to push your limits day after day.

The fact is that you can get ripped in a matter of months, but only if you follow certain rules and adopt a proper workout schedule.

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Eating protein at a certain time of day, for instance, as well as including adequate supplements, doing resistance training and limiting your cardio to three 30-minute sessions a week is all it takes to get some results.

Think outside the box

However, spending hours and hours at the gym might not always be enough to make you look your best, which is why you need to think outside the box if you notice that your results aren’t as perfect as you’d like them to be.

Getting enough sleep, for example, is one of the keys towards a leaner and healthier body, not to mention hydrating and getting enough water into your system.

Also, consult a dietician and get a detailed eating schedule because only if you eat proper food in proper portions will you make a difference in the long run.

The worst thing about summer shredding is that getting a look you’ve always wanted isn’t the end – you need to continue working out, eating healthy food and sleeping at least eight hours a day.

So, find a routine you’re happy with and don’t give up after the summer’s over!

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