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Effective Ways to Be More Productive At Work In 2022

Effective Ways to Be More Productive At Work In 2022

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There are very few things feeling as gratifying as coming back from work knowing that you have put your 100% and did your best to ensure your personal and family’s wellbeing. But, honestly, when was the last time you felt that way?

Most of these problems can be ascribed to the simple lack of enthusiasm and the fact that, in most cases, even our best efforts don’t produce the desired results. This is the point where we either give up or keep pushing forward finding new ways to make our hard work count.

We won’t waste too much time discussing the first scenario. Instead, let us take a look at a couple of simple, but highly effective ways to become more productive at work in 2022.

Organize assignments by their urgency

People are intimidated by the tasks they find too complex or daunting. That is why we often tend to keep ourselves busy with the tasks that are, generally speaking, a part of our overall workload but don’t push our daily agenda forward in any sensible manner.

What you should do instead is to start every new day at work by collecting the tasks you have to go through and splitting them into three distinct groups:

·         Critical – Sensitive and high-value tasks that are moving the workflow forward

·         Medium – Time-sensitive, but not high value

·         Low priority – Essentially, the busywork you need to plow through

Never move to the lower-tier group unless you are finished with the higher-value tasks.

Master the art of time management

Poor time management, empty chatter, and idling are poisonous for productivity. The same can be said about pushing yourself too hard without pausing to catch a breath. These things cause a serious case of burnout.

The perfect middle-ground can be found in some of the popular time management strategies like, for instance, the Pomodoro technique. In this case, you would split all of your tasks into 25 minutes chunks and take a 5-10 minute break after finishing each one of them. After you string a couple of these chunks give yourself a healthy 15-30 minutes break to help you recoup and attain full work efficiency.

Get yourself the best possible tools

Ever since they started making them, human beings instantly became limited by the tools they used to get the job done. So, if you want to reach your 100% make sure you have all the assets you need to get there.

The good news is that the basic infrastructure exists all around the globe so if you need to move to the Middle East, you can easily find, let’s say, a reliable Jordan ADSL vendor and get access to all of your cloud-based tools.

The devices like smartphones with PC-like ready-for features will allow you to unleash that power even when you are outside your office which should put your scores on an entirely new level.

Set up an appropriate workspace

The work environment can have a tremendous impact on your work performance – you can’t ever hope to produce satisfying results if something constantly distracts you or makes you feel agitated.

Start by making sure you have access to a spacious, clutter-free workspace and comfortable chair that can keep you relaxed over extended periods of time. Next, make sure you are surrounded by natural light and indoor plants – both these things have a very positive impact on your mental wellbeing and keep you fresh.

A good noise cancelation headset will make sure you hear only the things that keep you pumped.

Take care of the self-care

When assessing factors contributing to productivity we tend to put too much focus on the things waiting for us in the office and too little on the ones we bring with us. And, rest assured, your personal wellbeing has everything with your work performance.

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Make sure then to get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep before you start working, spend your free time in nourishing activities like hanging out with friends or fitness, and practice awareness exercises like yoga, meditation, or tai chi.

Embracing a philosophy of constant learning will help you keep up with the latest trends and avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Automate and delegate whatever you can

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that being productive and efficient doesn’t always mean working more. Sometimes, you will be far more efficient by delegating the menial and repetitive tasks to someone with more free time and putting it under the complete supervision of AI.

The list of things we are talking about here is literally countless and includes the likes of data entry, sending emails, social media posting, filling in online forms, and workflow management.

In either of these cases, however, the goal is the same – get rid of the activities draining your productivity and focus on the things that truly matter.

So, there you have it – six effective ways to always stay on the highest level of performance and make sure the time you spend on the work actually pushes your career forward. People are fueled by positive feedback.

If you at any point feel your work isn’t producing desired results you will quickly start sinking and enter a vicious cycle that is incredibly hard to break.

So cut this problem at its root and always stay at the top of your game.

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