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Advantages Of Body Weight Training

Advantages Of Body Weight Training

Body-weight training has been around since the very start but it has gained popularity in recent years. The reason behind it is the sudden shift of fitness trend from heavy weight lifting to calisthenics exercises.

Fitness trainers and athletes all around the world are now concentrating on body-weight workouts and rightfully so, because it is statistically beneficial.

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The biggest advantage is that you train at your own weight since you know your body better, how much your body can take and this is extremely important, initially. When you’re training at your own weight, you realize your capabilities and weaknesses. Also, it becomes easier to track your progress.

So we break down the advantages of body-weight training for different categories of people. Though, it’s good for all, it is necessary to know what to expect for a better understanding.

People who are looking to lose weight can burn fat faster by adding high intensity and high resistance sets to their workouts. You’re not using any machines or equipment so you have to put in extra effort to burns more calories.
These exercises are easy to do, convenient and cheap because you don’t need much room for it.

It gives you better and faster results.

It improves your cardio and strength.

Imagine you’re a kid or a skinny guy, now you can’t obviously lift heavyweight like the huge bodybuilders at your gym. So what do you do? You start with body-weight exercises. The biggest advantage of body-weight training is that your body grows with you. You train according to your own capabilities and you push yourself as you gain weight or develop strength.

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Other than these advantages, body-weight training also results in less injuries as you’re not playing around with the heavy equipment. It develops your speed and movement. You start feeling lighter and become more flexible with each session.

In the next coming weeks we’ll be telling you about some body weight workouts for fat loss and strength development.

– Suhail Suri : Suhail Suri is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based out of New Delhi, a Pro Swimming Coach and an Instagram influencer

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