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48 Classic Impalas Found in South Dakota

48 Classic Impalas Found in South Dakota

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The tales of car hoarding and its origins exhibit significant diversity. On occasion, it’s simply an individual acquiring old cars without any concrete plans for restoration. Conversely, some hoards are meticulously assembled as future projects. Enter Greg Anderson and his profound affection for vintage automobiles, particularly early Chevy Impalas. Initially immersed in the world of collecting and restoring vintage tractors, Greg’s interest pivoted when the tractor market experienced a decline. This transition sparked his desire to amass and restore Impalas, leading him to choose 1960, his birth year, as the ideal starting point for this captivating journey.

Hoard of Classic Impalas

According to the information provided, Greg extensively traversed the U.S., dedicating his spare time to locating and bringing back Impalas to South Dakota. Specializing in 1959-1963 Impalas, Greg has amassed a collection exceeding 25, which includes squarebody pickups and distinctive older trucks. While he focused on restoring a convertible and a bubbletop, the remaining vehicles patiently awaited their turn.

In addition to his automotive pursuits, Greg juggled responsibilities such as nuclear power inspections, farming, and cattle raising. Despite his diverse commitments, Greg also found time to venture to Nashville, where he showcased his musical talents by playing Blues harmonica and guitar with multiple bands.

For Greg, the cars temporarily took a back seat to his adventurous endeavors and work. Recognizing the need for a new chapter, Greg has decided to pass on his collection to classic car enthusiasts, envisaging their use either as parts for builds or restoration projects to grace the roads once more.

Situated in the secluded northeastern region of South Dakota, the collection is up for grabs through an exclusive online auction. The bidding window is currently open but will conclude on November 29, 2023, at 7 p.m. For detailed information, including a comprehensive catalog, online bidding options, and an extensive image gallery, interested parties can visit

These Impalas, nestled amidst the prairie landscape, present a compelling opportunity for collectors in search of vehicles for either building projects or spare parts. The diverse array of 48 vehicles encompasses everything from a 1960 Impala Convertible once owned by an Arkansas governor to a rare 1946 White COE truck, offering immense potential for captivating builds. Peruse our selected favorites and explore the complete gallery of this captivating hoard—you might discover something that piques your interest.

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Acquired from Hot Springs, Arkansas, this 1960 Impala convertible has a unique story. Greg’s friend, Chad Jackson, an expert in discovering forgotten classic cars, had been aware of this particular vehicle for several years. Although Greg was informed about it, the car was never on the market. However, fate took a turn when news arrived that the owner had chosen to sell. After negotiating a price, Greg embarked on a journey from South Dakota to Hot Springs to collect the Impala. During the loading process onto the trailer, Greg uncovered intriguing historical details associated with the car.

As it turns out, the 1960 Impala convertible has a noteworthy history. Orval Faubus, the governor of Arkansas from 1955 to 1967, originally purchased the car brand new from the Chevrolet dealership in 1960. Surprisingly, he traded it back to the same dealership in 1963. The subsequent owner, a woman from Hot Springs, acquired the Impala immediately after Orval’s trade-in. In August of 2022, Greg purchased the car from her daughter. Notably, the Impala boasted a 348 V-8 engine paired with a Powerglide two-speed automatic transmission.

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Greg shared another intriguing find, recounting, “This is a 1959 Impala I discovered in Clark, South Dakota, positioned in front of a body shop with a ‘for sale’ sign on it. After passing by the car several times, I eventually pulled in one day, inquired about the price, and made the purchase. This happened a couple of weeks after my initial sighting. The car came equipped with the original 283 engine and a Powerglide automatic transmission.”

Discovered near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this 1960 Impala was quietly situated on a cotton farm along a backroad. Greg’s quest to acquire the car spanned two years, during which he made repeated visits to the farm, particularly when traveling to Mississippi to visit his daughter. On the fourth attempt, he finally encountered someone at home. The owner revealed that the Impala belonged to his father and, while hesitant, he expressed the likelihood of selling it, having turned down numerous offers in the past. Despite the owner’s aspirations of restoring the car, unfulfilled over time, Greg successfully sealed the deal that day. It appears that perseverance indeed reaps its rewards.

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In Greg’s recounting, he shares, “I stumbled upon this 1960 El Camino while navigating the backroads of Dover, Arkansas. Although it lacked a ‘for sale’ sign, I managed to locate the owner who confirmed its availability. The car had been purchased near Shawnee, Oklahoma, residing in a pasture before I acquired it and transported it back to South Dakota.” The anecdote adds a whimsical note, considering the car’s non-functional state, yet its extensive journey across locations.

Presenting a 1962 Impala SS 327 with a Powerglide automatic transmission, discovered near Dover, Arkansas, strategically positioned by a body shop amidst numerous abandoned projects. Greg’s tenacity led him to trace the owner through a mutual acquaintance, and upon confirmation that it was for sale, he promptly acquired and transported the Impala back to South Dakota.

Although this particular Impala isn’t part of the current auction, it stands as a testament to Greg’s restoration prowess. A visually striking 1961 Impala convertible, the result of Greg’s dedicated efforts, showcases its splendor. The journey to acquire this gem unfolded when Greg, originally on the lookout for a Harley Davidson Knucklehead, received a tip about the Impala. Following discussions with the owner, Greg made the trip to Oklahoma, securing the Impala in an impressive display of automotive enthusiasm.

Encountering issues with the original 348 engine, paired with a four-speed transmission, as it began to knock, Greg decided on a comprehensive solution. He opted to rebuild a 409 engine he had stored in his shop and is currently in the process of installing it into the Impala.

With this upgrade, the Impala is set to hit the road with renewed vigor come spring.

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