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5 Things Every Guy Needs to Know About Gin

5 Things Every Guy Needs to Know About Gin

Gin, Gin Based Drinks, Gin Based Mocktails, Gin Hangover, Gin Benefits

Gin is a man’s drink. When it comes to Gin, you either love it or hate it, there is no in-between. With a strong kick and its vibrant aroma, it is guaranteed to become your favorite hard liquor of choice if you’ve never tried it. Whether you are a drinking novice or true Gin enthusiast, there are certain distinguishable Gin traits you need to know to not only seem smarter around friends and interested females, ut also to be able to distinguish between the subtle differences of unique Gin types.

Gin, Gin Based Drinks, Gin Based Mocktails, Gin Hangover, Gin Benefits

Here are the 5 things you need to know about Gin.

How it’s made

While there are numerous Gin types around the world, modern production can be narrowed down to three basic categories built on its evolution throughout the centuries. The first and earliest style of Gin making is called pot-distilled Gin. It is made by pot-distilling fermented grain mash, which is malt wine, from various grains, although barley is predominantly used. The compound is later redistilled with various botanical herbs that give it a unique flavour and a distinctive aroma.

Next, you have the column-distilled Gin, which evolved after the creation of the column still in 1830. This type of Gin is made by distilling high-proof natural spirits from fermented mash. The base for the compound is derived from any fermentable grain or plant of agricultural origin, such as sugar canes, potatoes, grapes, sugar beets and barley.

Finally, there is Compound Gin. Compound Gin is widely regarded as a subpar Gin type, made by simply flavouring neutral spirits with natural ingredients.

While these are the three basic types of Gin production, manufacturers will use a vast array of herbs, plants and natural spices to give their product a unique and distinctive taste and smell.

Its origin and history

Gin, Gin Based Drinks, Gin Based Mocktails, Gin Hangover, Gin Benefits

If you have ever heard Gin being referred to as “Dutch courage”, you wouldn’t be mistaken. Gin originated in Holland in the early 17th century and is believed to be the legacy of a Dutch physician, Franciscus Sylvius, although proof of its existence dates all the way back to the mid-16th century. The term “Dutch courage” seems to have originated during the fierce fighting between the kingdom of Spain and British Empire during the Eighty Years War.

The English soldiers, fighting in the trenches alongside their Dutch allies witnessed the Dutch warriors drinking Genivre (Gin) prior to charging into battle, allegedly giving them fierce courage and fighting abilities.

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Gin is perfect for cocktails

Although you could drink Gin raw if you prefer, you should know that it should be used as refined liquor, intended to spice up cocktails and give them a distinctive taste. A good Gin can make or break any cocktail, and using Archie Rose Gin when making your cocktails will ensure that you get the best possible combination of complementary tastes.

Gin has notable medical applications

As if you needed another reason to drink more ]Gin, it can actually be beneficial to your health. Tonic water with quinine has anti-malarial properties, a Gin-lime mix can stop scurvy and even prevent sea sickness.

No two gins are the same

The gin industry has a diverse and rich flavour culture and no two gin brands are the same, or even alike. Other than the use of juniper as the main ingredient, distilleries can use any other plant, seed and spice they wish, making every bottle of Gin unique in its own right.

Therefore, it is important to develop your own Gin palate and have your preferred Gin type at hand not only to showcase your knowledge of the brand, but also to present a unique topic of your own among friends.

Gin is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it is a drink worthy of its heritage that is not only a good conversation starter, but it is also a mark of a true man who knows his liquor. With these essential facts, you can easily develop a Gin preference of your own, while being able to lead interesting conversations and debates about the infamous Dutch courage.

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