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Top 3 Best And Worst Drunk Foods

Top 3 Best And Worst Drunk Foods

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I am sure that most of you would admit that a night of heavy drinking with friends can quickly derail your several weeks of diligent healthy eating habit and take you further away from your fitness goals.

And no it is not only drinks that I am talking about here, I am talking about the craving for something salty and fatty that you feel like eating with it. And if not that, then when you leave the bar or the club, the starry lights of the late-night diners start to draw you in.

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Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Studies have time and again proved that consuming alcohol can increase your blood sugar, leaving you craving calories after a few hours of drinking.

While it’s important to eat both before and after you drink, fuelling up on salty and fatty foods isn’t exactly healthy either. But if you still want to binge, here’s how you can do it right.

You can balance out the empty calories in booze with foods that are low in fat and high in nutritional value and might also help your hangover the next morning.

The Best Drunk Foods

Thin-Crust or Vegetarian Pizza

If you are a pizza lover like I am, then opting for the junkiest ones, why not opt for healthier options, like whole wheat crust, thin crust, or veggie pizza? And if you feel like insisting on cheese, dab the oil.

Paninis and Wraps

Grilled chicken and vegetarian paninis and wraps are generally healthy options, minus the mayonnaise, cream cheese, and extra cheese.

Soup With Crackers or Bread

Trust me, soups are generally full of nutrients and paired with a carbohydrate like a whole-wheat bread roll or saltines, it can help to absorb the alcohol in your bloodstream.

Top 3 Best And Worst Drunk Foods, Drunk Food, Food Advice, Food Blog, Food Blogs India, Food Bloggers India, Fitness Advice, Fitness Blogs, Fitness Blogs

The Worst Drunk Foods

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Burgers and Fries

Beware of excessively salty foods, which can aggravate dehydration when alcohol already has you feeling extra thirsty. Burger- tops the list!

Pepperoni Pizza

You know the type of pizza I’m talking about here. Soaked with grease, layered with cheese, and topped with enough processed red meat to send your blood pressure skyrocketing. Consuming few slices right before lying down to go to bed can aggravate gastrointestinal reflux disorder (GERD), and trigger symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux.


Filled with roasted lamb and veggies, as well as, garlic mayo or tzatziki sauce, gyros can seem healthy, but rarely are. These are often added with extra fat with a lot of sodium to enhance the taste.

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