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Variations In Treadmill Workout

Variations In Treadmill Workout

Though reliable, a cardio machine, i.e., the treadmill, in no time can quickly make for a dull, one-dimensional workout, resulting in a lack of interest in continuing what you do in the gym, or at least plan to.

But what most of us do not know, or miss out on figuring out, is that this machine is what you make of it. With a little creativity, your workout on the treadmill can change from being boring to body-changing.

Confused? Here is a little more detail that might just prove to be your life-savior when you plan to step on that machine next time around.

Side shuffles

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Keep the speed on the treadmill between 2.5-4.0. Start out with a fast walk, grab onto the front of the treadmill with your left hand, and turn clockwise into the shuffle. Hold on until you feel comfortable, and eventually, you’ll be able to go hands-free. Keep your shoulders up, pushing off with the leg on the back of the treadmill. Do both the sides with the same amount of shuffles.

 Treadmill Workouts, Treadmill advice, FItness Tips, Health Articles, Fitness Advice, Gym Tips, Workout Tips, Tips on lossing weight

Plank with push-offs

Push the ON button, but before doing anything and hold down the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ speed buttons simultaneously until the treadmill flashes and beeps; you will feel the belt disengage and that’s when you are ready to start.

With your feet on the floor behind the treadmill, get into a plank with your elbows on the treadmill, or get into a straight-arm plank with your hands on the treadmill.

Then get up onto your hands if not already into a push-up position with feet still on the floor and begin pushing the treadmill forward, much like what a crawl looks like. Be sure to keep the length of the push very small and compact.

 Treadmill Workouts, Treadmill advice, FItness Tips, Health Articles, Fitness Advice, Gym Tips, Workout Tips, Tips on lossing weight

Mountain climbers

To do this workout, you need to set the treadmill to dynamic mode, which is the reverse position from the plank set above, keeping your feet set about in the middle of the treadmill.

You need to keep your hands on the floor in a push-up position for this and make sure that your arms are straight down underneath your shoulders. With the belt gripped to your toes, begin mountain climbing, pushing the treadmill away from you and you will see the results in no time.

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Self-propelled sprints

Get into the dynamic mode again and get your treadmill at an incline of 3-8 per cent. Now grip the handles in the middle of the treadmill and begin sprinting while holding onto the treadmill. Keep your shoulders up and your body closer to the front of the treadmill and do only 30 seconds or less of sprinting, then walk it out and repeat as desired.

Did you know that the steeper the incline is, the easier you actually make sprinting on the body?

The most difficult way to do this is on a 0 per cent incline, which actually tests your strength and stamina.

Now that you know more in terms of getting the best out of that treadmill, be sure that you follow these workouts to get the best results and have that toned body with the great stamina that you always wished for.

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