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Summer Adventures to go on with Your Friends

Summer Adventures to go on with Your Friends

summer Summer Adventures to go on with Your Friends

Looking for a way to go all out this summer? Looking to unwind, party like a maniac and make lifelong memories with your friends, drink beer at the beach, do your share of conquests, and perhaps, god willing, get into a fight or two?

Good, because we have the best summertime adventures you could go on with your friends this year, but only if you’re looking to make some noise, shake some dust, and experience a rush like never before.

Let’s get to it!

Canyoning in Europe

Have you heard of the latest adrenaline trend? This one will make alcohol and the concept of complete inebriation seem like a lazy Sunday afternoon, as it will require you to not only get your ass moving but also muster your courage and battle your fears by jumping, climbing, rappelling, abseiling and crawling through mother nature’s harshest and most beautiful environments.

You can take group tours with your friends and travel deep inside the belly of the beast in the most physically demanding canyons in Europe located in France, Spain, Switzerland, and the Balkans. Complete your canyoning tours with a celebratory drink, or fifteen, and move onto the next adventure!

A night in Amsterdam

Can you visit Europe without making a pit stop at the se*, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll capital of the world? Of course not. Along with its vast cultural heritage, rich art scene, and vibrant architecture you need to learn about to successfully lie to your parents and your boss, you have numerous other activities you can experience that make this city one of the most well-known sin cities in the world!

Need we say more? After you’ve sobered up and found all members of your crew, it’s time to plan your next adventure!

Camping with a twist

Alright, it’s more like survival rather than peaceful camping, but you’re young, full of energy, why would you need to go camping in the first place? Why lay about next to a river for three days when you could be spending that time lost with your crew, trying to reach a finish line in the middle of nowhere using nothing more than a knife, a compass, and a pack of provisions? Exactly!

If this sounds like fun to your crazy crew, here is what you need to know: pack only the things you can run with. You need a sharp knife, a whistle, a compass, a lighter, a long-lasting natural mosquito repellant because those little bastards will ruin your life, and a pack of provisions constituting of energy bars and plenty of water. Additionally, you will get an emergency flare and don’t forget to pack extra socks, underwear, and a portable water purifier.

A lengthy beach party

Finally, if you are looking to relax, soak in the sun, play beach sports, and just have a moderately insane time with your friends, you can organize a beach camping adventure. Again this is not just camping we’re talking about, this is a several-day party event, so you will need to pack several cars full of drinks, food, and a sound system loud enough to rearrange the surrounding ecosystem.

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Head out to a big beach somewhere where your party can be private enough but also attract lingering females to join in on your adventure. Turn up the tunes, toss the ball around, hand out free drinks, and before you know it, you will have created a beach party of a lifetime.

Make the event last by whipping out sleeping bags and organizing tours to nearby food joints. Finally, be sure not to blink because you will be making the best memories of your life underneath the starry summer sky.

Take control of your life while you’re young, and don’t be afraid to do the things that most people would frown upon, because this is the only life you have been given, and its single purpose is to experience everything it has to offer and create unforgettable memories with the ones you love!

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