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5 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Try Yoga

5 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Try Yoga

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While many men already figured out that yoga is one of the best things they can do for their overall health, some are still not sure. Want to boost strength? Do yoga! Want to ease pain? Do yoga? Want to wow your partner in the bedroom? Do yoga!

It’s a really great activity for all sorts of issues and ailments, but there following five reasons will definitely inspire you to grab a mat and start striking some poses.

Yoga makes you strong and flexible

The reason why most yoga classes are dominated by women is the fact that men think they are not flexible enough to do any of the poses. But anyone who’s a beginner will struggle—that’s normal! You don’t have to be flexible beforehand, that will come in time as you continue with your yoga practice. While increasing flexibility is one of the best benefits of yoga, it can also do wonders for your strength. It’s surprisingly hard to hold all those poses even though they look super easy. And if you add slow and controlled movement and controlled breathing to the mix, you’ll feel your muscles burn in no time!

Additionally, with making you more flexible and strong, yoga can boost your athletic performance. For instance, as you loosen the joints in your spine, you can improve your tennis and golf swings and gain more speed when dodging hits in boxing.

Yoga helps you lose weight

If you’ve been hitting the weight rack in order to lose a few pounds and trim that stubborn belly fat, yoga is a much easier, quicker and pleasurable option. Aside from burning some serious calories, yoga also encourages mindfulness which can help you be more aware of what you’re eating, how you’re sleeping and what are your lifestyle habits like. This can greatly help you on your path to weight loss and health.

Fitness Tips, Fitness Blogs, Stylerug, Virat Kohli Body, Virat Kohli Fitness, Men's fashion Blogs, Men's Style Blog, Men's Fitness Tips

Yoga also helps “massage” your internal organs with its many twists, turns and poses. This little internal organ treatment will give you an instant metabolism boost that will speed up your weight loss progress.

Yoga helps with pain

Do you suffer from body pain that’s just not going away? Try curing your body with yoga. Compared to regular cardio and weightlifting which can potentially cause more risk and make your pain worse, yoga is a very low-impact activity that requires controlled and light poses (even though they tend to get challenging) that will decrease your risk of injury and alleviate the pain.

Fitness Tips, Fitness Blogs, Stylerug, Virat Kohli Body, Virat Kohli Fitness, Men's fashion Blogs, Men's Style Blog, Men's Fitness Tips

Yoga movements stretch your entire body, making all the pain less intense. Both men and women usually carry a lot of tension and chronic pain in the back. For instance, almost 4 million Australians suffer from back pain and almost 90% of the population will experience it at some point in their lives. So, make sure to stop your pain or, even better, prevent it by finding a nice yoga retreat in NSW and having an (active) vacation. You will not only relax enough to make your pain better but also learn all sorts of useful things that will not only help you deal with pain but also teach you many valuable life lessons. From healthy cooking to meditation, you’ll definitely make the most of your yoga retreat.

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Yoga relieves stress

If you often find yourself super stressed after a long week, yoga can be your solution. It really helps fight all those negative thoughts and replace them with positive vibrations. You’ll be blown away by the instant change in mood you’ll experience after a session. Yoga is also one of the best self-prescribed treatments for anxiety and depression since it helps clear your mind and keep it calm.

While hitting the gym and punching the hell out of a punching bag can help you battle stress, this way of tackling negative feelings will make you more aggressive and tired. On the other hand, yoga can battle stress in a healthier way that will make you relaxed, calmer yet filled with energy. Yoga will also rewire your brain to see the bigger picture and react from a place of serenity instead of panic. So, if you want to be that mysterious, cool and collected guy instead of that unhinged type, yoga is your path!

Yoga boosts your performance in the bedroom

If those reasons above don’t get you on the mat, this one will! Many studies show that men of all ages can improve their sexual function when practicing yoga. It can positively affect your sexual performance, your erection, your confidence and your orgasms. The fact that you’ll have more stamina, better flexibility and lower stress will lead to better performance in the bedroom. So, oftentimes, more time on the mat equals more time between the sheets!

Just have one session and you’ll see how good it feels. Your mat will become your best buddy towards a healthier and happier life!

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