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Fusion Proglide With Gillette Flexball

Fusion Proglide With Gillette Flexball

1 Fusion Proglide With Gillette Flexball

This line- “men’s fashion and grooming market is evolving every passing day and has got huge potential” has been told time and again in the last five to seven years.

As true as it is, there is no denying that it has also become a clichéd statement, every time someone wants to talk about men’s fashion or lifestyle! But has it really?

I personally think, there is still some scope for repeating this statement, and the reason is simple – it still is a bloody evolving market… so why not call it one?

Now, one major reason for believing in this theory has been the array of products that are actually coming to the market dedicated to men, which was not the case to be, till 5 years back. We men had so few options to play around with, not only with clothes but also with grooming products.

One new product that has recently caught my eye is the all-new Gillette FlexBall, which enables one to look perfectly ‘normal’ while shaving.

Gillette Fusion Proglide With Gillette Flexball

Why do I say that?
Don’t you remember the different directions in which you or your father (I am sure we all have watched them shave very curiously in our teenage), used to move their faces while shaving to meet the blade? That scrunching up, stretching out, pulling, or pressing to the face to make sure the razor does not miss any hair!

What’s new?
It’s a game-changer! The FlexBall technology responds to your face contours for maximum contact and gets virtually every hair that is there out of the surface to give your face that finishing touch. This new technology has got low-cutting force blades that are thinner with finer edges and low-resistant coating for a smooth shave. That means, almost negligible tug and pull to the face.

What it offers
The FlexBall handle has a 4-way flex for maximum contact over the face and more ergonomic grips for better control. With the launch of the new Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology, Gillette – the longtime industry leader – is introducing a new way to shave and changing the game again, forever.

1 Fusion Proglide With Gillette Flexball

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As Gillette’s first razor specifically designed to pivot and hug the contours of a man’s face, FlexBall responds to contours for maximum contact and gets virtually every hair. The result is a completely upgraded shaving experience. Shaving Rebuilt.

My own piece
The piece that I have, has got a very vibrant mix of three colors; black, orange and blue, that does no harm to our quest of maintaining a dashing shaving kit with a little life to it. After all, we don’t want to be using the old age razors and live in the shadows of our past do we? What it offers men, is a little more uplift to their overall wardrobe and travel kit, which many women would find appealing, to say the least.

Need more?
If you are looking for more, which we always do, here is what the new FlexBall offers to you:
• Blade Stabilizer- Allows blades to adjust to the contours of a man’s face
• Streamlined Comfort Guard – To maintain optimal blade contact and stretches skin for a closer, more comfortable shave
• Enhanced Lubrastrip – Which enables smooth movement over the skin, even on repeat strokes?
• Improved Precision Trimmer – Enhanced blade, comb guard to align long hair, and improved rinse-through slots.
There is not even one reason for you to not want to shift to this new mean machine, from your old razor that holds no good repute.

Our suggestion – go buy it NOW!

– Sandeep Verma

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