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How To Get Lean Muscles

How To Get Lean Muscles

Djokovic ABs How To Get Lean Muscles

First thing first, and this is for the guys who wear cleavage-showing tees thinking that girls get impressed by those broad chests and bulging biceps – it is old-fashioned!

The days when dhai kilo ka haath used to be a fantasy for women and a masterstroke by men to swoon them over, are long gone! It has been proved time and again, especially in the last decade or so, that lean is in. And no, we are not talking about runway looks here, but the lesser mortals in streets in general! But the Christian Bale look for The Machinist is also not desirable nor advisable. For, striking a balance between the two, is the way forward.

In simple terms, you need to know how to build those lean muscles, without looking bulky. And at, that’s precisely what we are going to talk about in this article.

Where to start?

If that is the first concern and question racing through your mind, then there is no crime, as yet, that you have committed. Most of the people who go to the gym are still unaware of the workout regime that can give them a lean look with high-definition muscles, without looking bulky. And the answer to that is – compound exercises.

What exactly are compound exercises?

Compound exercises are the ones that concentrate on more than one part of the body while you are working out. For example, when you do a flat bench press with a wider (normal) grip, it concentrates only on your chest, and the rest of the muscles are not used. Whereas, if you do a flat bench press with a closed grip, it gives impact on your triceps too. What they also do is tone the entire musculature, burn more calories, and neutralize the tendency to gain bulk.

Here are a few of the options that you should definitely include in your workout regime, to gain that toned look and get better results without gaining bulk…


Target areas: Quads, hamstrings, core, back, shoulders

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How to do it?

Slide under the barbell and place it on the trapezius, slightly above the posterior deltoid. Grab the bar tightly with your hands, and look straight ahead. To prevent the torso from collapsing forward, inhale and contract the abdominal muscles and then arch the back slightly while removing the bar from the stand.

Step back a few inches, place both feet slightly wider than shoulder width, and point your toes slightly outward. Bend forward from the hips, and continue the movement until the thighs are slightly below parallel to the ground. Straighten the legs and lift the torso to the starting position, then exhale.


Target areas: Erector spine, trapezius, glutes, quadriceps, rectus abdominis (abs)

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How to do it?

Stand facing the barbell, legs shoulder width apart, abdominals contracted, and back slightly arched. Bend the knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground, and grab the bar using one overhand grip and underhand grip. Inhale while lifting the bar by straightening the legs and then contract the back at the top portion of the movement. Exhale at the end of the movement.

The best way to ensure that the dimensions of your thighs, waist, and lower legs are in harmony with your upper body, you need to deadlift at least, a twice-a-week. This is best done with more weight and fewer reps.

Bent-over Rows

Target areas: Latissimus dorsi (lats), posterior Deltoid (deltoids), biceps brachii, trapezius, rhomboids, erector spinae (spines), and rectus abdominis (abs).

How to do it?

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Stand with legs slightly bent and grab the barbell with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Then bend at the back at about 45 degrees, and slightly arch the back. Inhale and lift the bar up to the upper abdominal, or lower pectorals (near the chest). Lower the bar back down, and exhale at the end of the movement. These are brilliant for exercising the entire, upper back and shoulder area, and oh, also for the upper arms. Some extra tips…

Fitness, Lean Muscles, Workout Advice, Workout Tips, StyleRugMen, Fitness Tips, Lifestyle Mantra, Deadlift, Lean Muscle Workout

Planning your diet schedule

We recently came across a picture of actor Salman Khan that read ‘70% of the body is made in the kitchen and 30% in the gym.’ But that doesn’t mean that you have to over-eat or under-eat. It is advisable not to consume a high-protein diet in the early stages of your workout routine.

Consume high protein diet only when you are working out hard, as protein has a tendency to get converted into fat if not taken out in the gym. Now that is something that you surely do not want.

Concentrating on cardiovascular training

It might just sound a bit contrary to our above aforesaid point, but truth be told, some degree of fat is surely needed to gain muscles. This is a result of tissue growth that is needed to support muscle gains and the fat intake from your diet.

To ensure that the fat intake that you have gets neutralized, indulge in regular cardio training for about 20-25 minutes every alternate day. This will keep your bulk build-up in check and help you get that lean muscle mass.

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