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UE BoomBox Review

UE BoomBox Review

UE BoomBox Review UE BoomBox Review

“Music does to a man/woman, what mother does; bring peace and serenity even when not around, but in heart. My main musical influence, is the crave, that humans get to spread the love that they have within, undauntedly, denied of platforms to put it all out. I listen to artists, I see people dancing, and the sheer joy that they (strangers completely to each other) share with each other… without even uttering a word is just a divine feeling, which needs to be embraced by as many as possible.”

I wrote these lines randomly very recently, but meant every word that you read above! And what makes this whole experience all the more satisfying is, if you can listen to the music, while on the move. And that is where I found the all new Logitech UE BoomBox.

Though I already have 2 portable speakers with me from other brands, I still went out looking for a new one to take my music listening experience while traveling, to a new level. And boy, does this new toy impresses with the output or what.

I will come to it in a bit though!

As compact and powerful it is, UE BoomBox can stand tall to be your true travel partner. Its colorful skin has a plasma coating that makes it water and stain resistant, meaning, a longer shelf life, while the wireless range of upto 50 ft. makes the whole wireless experience amazing.

Being a guy who plays music constantly, not only at clubs, but also at house parties, I can easily imagine me using two BoomBoxs’ either via stereo-to-stereo mode or as a left and right channel mode for two different decks when I am playing live. I tried pairing it with my Traktor software and it worked absolutely magnificently, while in the past the other two portable that I have, have just failed to do so. So an extra point to the UE boy here!

Its 360-degree design makes it easier for sound to reach all corners of the area, while the 15 hours playback backup (which I am yet to test), will make sure that your party doesn’t comes to an early end. I would not read much into it though, as battery backup and connectivity of wireless services completely depends on the usage and the environment you are in.
It allows you to pair it with upto 8 devices and can playback tracks via 2 different devices at a go. Now that can be a fun scenario provided you feel like becoming a DJ with your friends around.

The sound quality of UE BoomBox is second to none and can give a lot of top notch brands a run for their money. I, however, would have preferred if it was priced just a bit on the lower side. Not that it doesn’t deserve its current price tag, but I think a lower price would have killed the market for a lot of other players out there.

Here’s more about it:

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Product Specifications
Diameter x Height: 6.5 cm x 18 cm
Weight: 538g (speaker only)

Compatibility For Audio Playback
Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth wireless audio profile [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)] or 3.5 mm audio output.

Compatibility For Phone Calls
Phones that support Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.5)
2-year limited hardware warranty

– Sandeep Verma

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