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Things To Learn From Gays

Things To Learn From Gays

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First thing first! The headline of this post is not supposed to disturb you and shall not hit your sensibilities on the wrong note. But if it does, then it’s time you updated your sense of acceptance and make sure it’s free from the unwanted level of prejudice.

Although the biological term for ‘a man liking a man’ is ‘homosexual’, but it’s the word ‘gay’ that dominates any conversation, which involves two men who are known to be romancing with each other. Thus, we will stick to that!

Now, we all know that women trust gay men implicitly and that should be a reason good enough for you to think – why? Is it just because they feel safe with them or there is more to it? We say, there are actually various characteristics of gay men that women find beautiful to get along with and if you knew them to the core and learnt a bit from the same, there is every chance that you can strike a better balance with women in life.

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Their give a damn attitude: Even a half active brain can tell you that confidence is an irresistible charm and nothing says ‘self-assured’ more, than a man giving a damn to the world. It is a known-fact that women are prone to emotional breakdowns, but social etiquette demands one to be more rational and unemotional.

And who else to show it better than the one who has the confidence to rock a pair of skinny pant and a pink tee? Be assured that women get blown away with men who can be themselves even where there is a crowd of hundreds.
Point to note: Learn to be different but with self-assurance and not like a swagger.

Being feminine is not bad: Masculine, macho, manly, tough…blah blah blah! Women have had enough of these and though there is still a room for all these characteristics to exist, it’s refreshing to have a guy friend who understands her mood swings, who can tell when she have had a haircut and who appreciates the difference between maroon and burgundy. Just as men get impatient with delicate darlings, women are turned-off by an excess of neanderthal virility.
Point to note: Exposing your sensitive side makes you more of a man, not less of one.

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things to learn from gay men, learn from gays, men grooming tips, cosmopoiltan men, mens corner,

Learn to appreciate and not ogle: True, it might be a difficult job for you to concentrate on other things if the woman you are looking at is extra-ordinarily beautiful. We would not even blame you for getting stuck at her bosoms and not realizing how uncomfortable she might be feeling because of that.

But then, the easier way to charm a woman is to appreciate her taste in clothes and jewelery instead of just gaping at her chest. Women always get to know what you are looking at, when they see you catching a sight of them and that is where a gay man knows that there is more to her than just her body.
Point to note: Steal a glance and don’t them catch you ogling. Focus on the personality, not just on the package.

It’s not always about sports and rock music: Have you ever noticed that nearly every gay man has been a sincere fan of reading, music, theatre, or something intellectually stimulating? It would not be wrong to say that, a man, who converses easily about the art(s) seems more cultured than the one whose sole interests seem to be bar hopping and screaming during baseball games. Women drool over men who can play a musical instrument or appreciate movies with happy endings. Matching the vibes, as they say is the key!
Point to note: Only rock music can make you look oh-so-average! Learn a few more tricks that can make sure that a woman would want to communicate more with you.

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