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Anwesha Mandal

anwesha Anwesha Mandal

She is a Hot Indian Female Model. She is curvaceous! She is sensual! And bloody hell, she is intelligent! Anwesha Mandal, a Mumbai based writer/photographer/model is a package that men usually dream of in their girl(s). She talks exclusively with us talking about her life so far, and of course MEN ;). And she is our this week’s Eye Candy too!

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SV: Could you please tell us our reader a bit about you! A little background!
I have been a professional photographer & writer for many years. I would model when I was younger, but then I got completely pre-occupied with shooting pictures & because of certain wrong decisions I just didn’t continue, but now I am back at it and loving it. ๐Ÿ™‚

SV: And how did modeling happen in life? Conscious effort or just by luck?
Well I was in Xavier’s & my photography professor wanted to shoot me & a couple of friends, so we thought why the hell not! I never pursued modeling back then, but I enjoyed posing even for friend’s projects or self-portraits. Post that different people approached me for various shoots till now where I have a good set of pictures. Now I push myself for certain modeling projects.

SV: What are your memories from your first shoot?
Well it was rather fun & creative because it was an anti-fashion shoot plus I was pretty comfortable. I although have a very strange memory, where both the other girls were dark skinned and the photographer kept saying “God you are so white, you need the bronzer.”

SV: What would you say is your fashion statement look?
I think my style is edgy- chic, but I have a very varied style or taste I get bored of the same kind of clothes so I keep picking up different, interesting things. I love black though & bright colors. I barely wear pastels or browns.

SV: What was the feeling like in the stomach, when you were getting ready for your first shoot?
I don’t really think I was nervous, but I wasn’t so sure about my angles but generally I am very comfortable in my skin.

SV: What drives you to be a model?
Honestly I like good pictures. Even if someone else doesn’t shoot me, I would take a self -portrait myself. It is a bit of acting when you are trying to get the perfect pose. I do a lot of other creative stuff as well so I approach modeling as a fun thing to do on the side.

Anwewsha Mandal, Models, Female Models, Indian Models, Photographers, Sexy Girls, Indian Babes, Sensual Girls, Hot Girls, StyleRug, OOTD, FollowThisGirl, Hot Chicks Images, Bikini Girls
SV: Your take on
It’s an interesting website with a lot of information on various topics. I like that that you can see breaking news to travel stuff as well as technology posts. A lot of nice interviews as well on it ๏Š

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Measurements as of now: 36-28-34
I think my best physical feature is: I think my neck & collarbones & my eyes
Men say my best physical feature is: Hahaha you should ask them ๐Ÿ™‚
Sexiest woman ever, and why: Liv Tyler is gorgeous but the only woman I would ever want to be with is Rooney Mara. More than her looks it’s because she is so edgy & interesting & intriguing that I find her very attractive.
My best trait is: I am honest & I can laugh through the worst situations in life. I have the ability to see light in a tunnel when there is practically no hope. I am very positive.

Anwewsha Mandal, Models, Female Models, Indian Models, Photographers, Sexy Girls, Indian Babes, Sensual Girls, Hot Girls, StyleRug, OOTD, FollowThisGirl, Hot Chicks Images, Bikini Girls
My worst habit is: There maybe a couple. I can be a bit detached & if I lose respect for someone, it gets hard for me to even acknowledge the person when they are around. I do try though to correct myself & if ever I make mistakes, I am always open to learning & growing.
I wish more men would: just try not so hard to impress a woman and just try and keep a casual conversation. At least that works with me!
The key to my heart is: Good conversation really.
Compliment me on: my creativity, my humor & my intelligence. Then you can tell me about the superficial stuff as well.
Physical feature I like to show off: My neck & I love to do up my eyes.
A superficial thing I am attracted to: A good looking man with good abs is always attractive but after a point if there is nothing else interesting up in the head, it’s rather pointless.
My favorite physical feature in a man: Shoulders & arms
My favorite trait in a man: Humility, Honesty & intelligence
A man will impress me if: he is hard-working, creative & honest.
A man will turn me on if: They are individualistic & live life by their own rules.

The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is: Take me to the beach & jump into the ocean with me!
I will not even give you a second look if: I see you behaving aggressively or violent. It puts me off.
Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: When guys say “You are so pretty. You are so gorgeous” 10 times in a conversation with nothing else to add to the conversation then it really doesn’t flatter me. I don’t know if this works with other women. I have never ended up dating guys who hit on me profusely. At the end of the day only good looks does not float my boat.
The best date I ever had was: I am a very easygoing person. I don’t necessarily need anything fancy. It was probably a weekend away where we just sat next to the beach with good food, good drinks & good conversation.
I am the best in the world at: being me.
I need a man who will: I don’t need but I would want a man who shares the same excitement & love for thrill & adventure & learning new things like I have.
My philosophy of love: It is beautifully agonizing to be madly in love but it is the most beautiful thing. But to me love essentially should be growth as people more than anything.

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