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5 Qualities That Makes You a Super-dad

5 Qualities That Makes You a Super-dad

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Fathers’ work does not get enough praise in this day and age. Yet, their involvement and presence in child’s life is paramount to spurring the growth and development. It increases the chances of good grades in school, helps in building good habits, and facilitates success in professional life.

Parenthood is often hard, but less than ideal circumstances and personal difficulties must not serve as an excuse. The journey involves many small steps and the road is dotted with pitfalls. So, here is how to harness the super-dad power and keep the family happy, safe, and sound.

SUp[er Dad, Parenting Advice, How To Be A Better dad, Super Dad Tricks, Virat Kohli, Shah Rukh Khan, StyleRug, Parenting Blog

A loving husband

Many dads overlook that a positive relationship with the mother is the backbone of good parenting. Namely, fathers need to set the good example as well as the tone of the children’s interaction with the mother.

This kind of attitude allows children to learn the value of respect, affection, and consideration. Conflicts do happen, but their resolution is crucial because it shows that compromise and forgiveness are integral parts of life. In other words, you better treat your wife like a queen and be faithful.

The protector

Fathers need to keep children out of the harm’s way. There are many dangers that lurk in the home environment, the internet, social milieu, etc. What is more, they affect the children physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Fortunately, embracing a holistic approach and supervising the children goes a long way in minimizing the exposure to these risks.

SUp[er Dad, Parenting Advice, How To Be A Better dad, Super Dad Tricks, Virat Kohli, Shah Rukh Khan, StyleRug, Parenting Blog

Sometimes this takes the form of monitoring social media accounts, while at other times it involves things like childproofing the home. In any event, great dads keep a watchful eye on the kids and act as an impregnable bastion of safety and protection.

A scholar

Like it or not, knowledge is the best superpower there is. Until they go to school children learn mostly through their parent’s example. Hence, a father must not only be a positive role model, but also able to pass on knowledge. Of course, you can always hire a tuition teacher and that is completely fine as it delivers professional results.

Sometimes, though, it is best not to cut corners and get involved directly. Likewise, it is important to let mother step in whenever needed and take on education together. Also, remember that people and times change and that you are never too old to learn and adapt yourself. This is to say that you ought to keep an open mind.

A provider

Both mother and father should be responsible for nurturing the child. That being said, the styles of parenting differ. Traditionally, fathers are providers who are under tremendous pressure to satisfy the wants and needs of the family, which can be a daunting task.

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They make sacrifices and work their fingers to the bone if need be. Yet, as a super-dad, you cannot complain. You simply have to rise up to the challenge and bring home the bacon. All the investment of time and effort is a drop in the bucket compared to the many benefits of being a successful provider.

A self-controlled disciplinary

Fathers often hold the reins when it comes to disciplining a child. However, they must not lose sight of the fact that a high degree of self-control is absolutely necessary. Thus, find a way to set emotions like anger and frustration aside. Sleepless nights and work stress must not impede your clarity and presence of mind.

Along the similar lines, steer away from punishing too hard and humiliating a kid. A good father knows that compassion and kindness are powerful tools of parenthood. The best way to learn virtue is to properly set the boundaries and establish fair consequences for overstepping them.

A pillar of strength and support

The role of a father is pivotal and irreplaceable. His actions and opinions have a profound impact on the child, as they can lead to higher academic, professional, and social success. Just bear in mind that the amount of influence is directly proportionate to the time you spend with your kid.

So, do not be one of those fathers who are “missing in action”. Know that a kid cannot be the exact reflection of you. Nevertheless, you are the one who needs to help the young mind navigate the complex world around us and step into adulthood well prepared for the challenges ahead.

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