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5 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

5 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

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The holidays are coming up, and gift planning is in full swing everywhere. Are you stuck on what to give your partner this year?

Before you fall back on familiar tropes like photo albums and dinner dates (nothing wrong with those), give some of these charming ideas a try.

Customised trinkets

“Trinkets” might sound silly and frivolous, but that’s exactly the strength of this present niche. It gives you immense flexibility.

Oftentimes, something small and thoughtful has far more impact than a single grand gesture or fancy item.

Consider what “trinkets” would suit your partner’s passions, and build your gift around them. A vehicle enthusiast might enjoy some dramatic and creative JDM car decals, while an avid camper would likely be ecstatic to receive an engraved compass or leather field journal.

There are also the staples like clothes, utensils, and office supplies. A customised tie, mug, or planner could be a tiny source of serotonin in an otherwise dull day and remind your partner that they’re loved every time they use it.


A good book is a classic gift idea, but it’s especially intimate between romantic partners. The book you choose to get for your significant other shows how deeply you know and understand the subtle nuances of their character. People’s reading habits directly reflect their minds, after all.

Even within a single favourite genre, you have endless variations to choose from. Consider themes, cultural motifs, or ideas and lessons between the lines. Consider the style of various authors. You might opt for a new work by a favourite writer, a title by a new name, or both.

Likewise, a modern bookworm has both printed editions and e-books at their disposal. Which one would your partner prefer? If you can, consider getting them an e-book reader too. That way your gift will contribute to their reading joy for a long time to come.

Concert tickets

Music is a staple of the holiday season, and surprising your loved one with tickets to see their favourite artist is sure to put a huge smile on their face. That said, don’t feel confined to traditional concerts. Tickets to a play, multimedia performance, or any other type of show are equally a good idea.

Likewise, remember to think outside the box (or in this case, outside venue walls). Take advantage of the many virtual performances available to us nowadays. Many artists have their own YouTube channels or use social media as their own streaming platforms.

Online live shows can be just as riveting as in-person experiences, so consider them too. It might be a great solution for inconvenient tour schedules or inaccessible destinations.

An online course

Classes might not seem like a romantic gift idea at all, but hear us out. Online learning has long since evolved far beyond the scope of traditional academia. Nowadays you can attend virtual classes on practically any topic you can think of.

Does your significant other have a particular hobby? Did they want to try a new interest? Gift them a course in calligraphy, cooking, basket weaving, painting, pottery, woodcarving, knitting… the options are endless!

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Alright, but where does the romance come in, you ask? It’s in the mindset behind the act. A gift like this demonstrates that you pay attention to the little things that bring them joy. It tells them that you encourage their interests, love their little quirks, and want to see them thrive. What’s more loving than that kind of dedicated support?

A customised playlist

To end on a slightly unorthodox note, customised playlists are excellent gifts for the creative music lovers. They are as much fun to compile and arrange as they are to listen to. Why not turn it into a secret passion project?

Pay attention to the music your partner enjoys over the year, and then surprise them with a custom compilation of their favourites for the holidays. If your relationship is a few years old already, you could also make a themed playlist that reflects your significant moments together.

If your other half enjoys art as well as music, you can use YouTube or other tools to make a playlist of music videos, rather than just audio tracks. Mix and match official videos, fan renditions, AMVs, aesthetically pleasing lyrics videos, etc. to create a visual spectacle for their enjoyment.

People in long-term relationships can adapt this idea to make a sort of “milestones playlist”. Put together your partner’s favourite music with selected sentimental photos, vacation reels, and other important visual records for a truly unique experience.

We hope these gave you some great ideas for what to gift your other half this holiday season. Even if this list doesn’t have your perfect present, you can use it as a starting point. Browse similar ideas and see what wonderful surprises you come up with. Happy holidays!

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