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Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model D

Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model D

The Model D stereo system from Steinway Lyngdorf itself is a benchmark achievement by the brand. It comes well armed with features as in-built Fully Digital Amplification with two channels, RoomPerfect technologies that also permits the system to be converted into a home theatre configuration with P1 Surround Sound Processor, intelligent modular versatility, and artfully hand-finished components.

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The system has twin dipole three way speakers with a frequency response of 20 – 22k Hz. These have been crafted through more than 170 hours of precision machining and over eight weeks of assembly by hand. Along with the speakers, a choice of statement head unit with a CD player or discreet SP-1 Stereo Processor has been included. Model D also comes equipped with an RF Remote control in either gold or chrome.

Covered in black lacquer finish, Model D exteriors exude a stunning appearance. Nonetheless, if one opts for further customization, this can be achieved through options as: selection of wood or color lacquer finish with either gold or chrome accents.

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Price: USD200,000 (approximately)

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