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Best Three Treehouse Resorts

Best Three Treehouse Resorts

It has been long since I last travelled! And trust me, it’s one of the worst feelings when you want to, but you can’t- for one reason or the other!

My last travel logs are from Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. And ever since I came back with some astonishing memories from there, my butt has not seen a place worth talking about. But finally, I might get some time in the near future to pack my bags and experience one more change. And that made me think- where to?

I have seen enough of mountains, beaches, snow and hell I have also seen desert at its best. What I have not seen though, or spent some time at is- a tree house. Now, I don’t have any friend – of need- who happens to own a tree house in his compound, therefore, I thought of researching a bit on few resorts that resemble to the idea of it.

Surprisingly, there are a hell lot of them in India.

Here’s my pick for what could be the best of the lot…

Magic Nature Resort
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Located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, the three tree houses at this resort are nestled at a height of 86 feet up in the jungle above pepper and cardamom plantations and are accessed by a cane pulley style lift (sounds like a Tarzan act, isn’t it? ;)). Now what you are about to read next might not sound fancy, but trust us- that is precisely how tree houses should be!

You would have to shell out INR12,000/night that includes all meals from a set menu. However, there’s no hot water, no electricity and no cell phone coverage up there. Needless to say, this place is for people who want to ‘get away from all’ in a real way and not just pretend that they want to. There are a number of walking tracks for when you’re not chilling and taking in the magnificent surroundings.

Spread over 30 acres, the resort is a perfect green getaway and a great way to explore the state’s rich bio-diversity. Lit using traditional lanterns, the property is resplendent with the stunning bamboo decor. Access to these treehouses is either by a water counterweight lift or by a rope bridge.

Vythiri Resort
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Kerala once again:-)

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Winner of the International Quality Crown Award, Vythiri Resort is an idyllic eco-friendly jungle getaway. Hidden amidst the thick rainforests of Wayanad in northwestern Kerala, the resort really knows how to pamper its guests. The Vythiri Spa offers a luscious selection of classic and new treatments in a pristine environment.

There are four treehouses here, including one which is entirely child-friendly. Stay at the Luxury Treehouse for a truly lavish experience, at an altitude of 70ft. It comes with a private Jacuzzi and is specifically designed for couples **Exciting**. Guests staying at the treehouses are given separate jeeps to explore the surroundings.

The Machan, Maharashtra
The Machan, Maharashtra
If you are looking for a perfect isolated getaway- look no further!

It’s a huge three bedroom, four level, treehouse located in the midst of a private tropical forest in the Western Ghat mountains, near Lonavala (around two and a half hours from Mumbai). The house hangs over the edge of a precipice, providing a breathtaking view of the valley below. There are five kilometres of walking tracks, accessible only by guests, in the forest to explore.

If you are visiting this place during the weekdays then be ready to spend as much as INR25,000, but during weekends this place can dent a bigger hole in your pocket as the charges zoom up to INR30,000 for the whole house that can accommodate up to six people). What is interesting to know is that the Machan generates its own power through wind turbines and photovoltaic cells. Now that’s what we call being eco-friendly.

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