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How to Plan a Bucket-List-Type Bachelor Party

How to Plan a Bucket-List-Type Bachelor Party

1 How to Plan a Bucket-List-Type Bachelor Party

Hollywood would have you believe that most bachelor parties are wild, liquor-filled, and raucous weekends; much like what the Hangover movies portray.

In the real world, these occasions usually take a low-key approach with a bunch of guys meeting up at someone’s basement or going on a bar crawl.

Not every stag party is alike, and it comes down to the person organizing the event and who they are planning it for. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a hyped-up Vegas-loving groom or a laid-back husband-to-be; the goal is to give the man of the hour a memorable send-off into married life.

A groom and two groomsmen wearing matching sunglasses

It helps to know precisely what it takes to throw a bucket-list-type stag event, but before getting into it, explore the selections of party venues near you.

The history behind bachelor parties

Just like their bachelorette counterparts, the tradition of hosting stag parties dates to the 5th century B.C. Spartan soldiers congregated for a worthwhile gathering before the groom bid goodbye to his single days.

In true Spartan fashion, the occasion involved making merry with lots of drinks and food in-store. The events got wilder with time and Herbert Barnum Seeley comes to mind when thinking about when the gatherings took a salacious turn.

Seeley hosted a stag party for his brother who was about to get hitched in 1986. Cops raided the function as soon as word got out that a famous belly dancer was scheduled to make an appearance wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

Modern-day bachelor parties continued along the same lines, but they are not all shrouded by scandals.

Shine the spotlight on the groom

The bachelor party is one of the pre-wedding shindigs that are exclusively all about the groom. Let’s face it, the rest of the gatherings leading up to the big day emphasize celebrating the bride, and therefore, every husband-to-be appreciates having one event that puts them on the center stage.

The groom’s best bud, who is typically his best man as well, does the honor of organizing the event. The man of the hour has a say in what type of event they prefer; whether it’s hopping on a flight for a weekend getaway or settling for a game night at a private party venue.

The majority of the time, the host is in charge of ultimately deciding what the event entails. The groomsmen usually make up the organizing committee, and it never hurts to consult the wife-to-be about the planned activities.

Who is invited to the stag event?

The guest list is another aspect that requires input from the husband-to-be. Traditionally, the gathering brings together the man of the hour, his groomsmen, and other good friends.

Sometimes, a dual-event is organized to celebrate the occasion similar to most bachelorette parties. Friends and family members can gather for a meal with a party for the groomsmen and husband-to-be later in the day.

It’s perfectly fine to send texts and make follow-up calls confirming attendance. That’s the right time to iron out details like responsibilities, dates, location, and availability. The conversation can then move to a group to proceed with planning the event.

Stag parties typically welcome an extended circle of the groom’s friends, and it’s even better if those who can’t make it to the big day attend the party.

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Come up with a bucket-list-type itinerary

More than often, the groom is expecting to enjoy unique experiences during his stag weekend. That’s why going with a bucket-list-type approach will win you credits for coming up with a different and unforgettable event.

It all depends on the groom’s specific interests but here are a few options to explore:

Make it a thrill-seeking adventure

Perhaps the groom has always wanted to scale up a mountain or trek across a jungle; you can make it happen, but keep it local. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with a missing groom situation, and it’s safer to settle for locations around town.

Camping is also a great option with more fun-packed activities planned for the getaway. Just make it a trip to somewhere the groom has never visited before. Rafting, indoor rock climbing, spelunking, and sky diving are other options worth considering.

Cents and a motorbike

Make it a game of chance

Fear prevents most of us from gambling, but what better occasion to test the waters than during a stag weekend? Head down to Las Vegas and hit the casinos. Alternatively, keep things simple and settle for local casinos.

Roll around town in a swanky ride

The groom might have his eyes set on a certain high-end vehicle, and before he can have one parked on his driveway, a test drive is the next best thing. Hire his favorite car for the occasion and cruise around town in the sweet ride.

Host a unique bachelor party: the last words

It helps to be prepared when planning any event, but you also want to leave some room for the unexpected when organizing a bachelor party. Host a gathering for family and friends at a party venue and turn things up for the groom in an unforgettably unique way. With this in mind, you are all set to plan a bucket-list worthy stag event for the husband-to-be.

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