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LensKart – Website Review

LensKart – Website Review

lenskart LensKart - Website Review

One accessory that has never and probably will never go out of fashion is- sunglasses! The reason is simple- we all need them, whatever the condition of the weather we might have around us. Be it chilly winds of winter or harsh strokes of summers, they always serve their purpose i.e. to safeguard your eyes and make you look uber-cool.

But, in this new age of digital world, choosing the right product (especially via a reliable portal) is surely a tough task to entertain- or so I thought!

In one of my recent quests of buying sunglasses (I have fetish for them you see), I came across LensKart, which I think is one of the best websites that I have seen for eye-wear products in a very long time. I mean you talk about Aviators, the Gardient lens, the round John Lennon stuff or over-sized sunglasses; they probably have got all of them. But then you ask- ‘what’s so cool about it?’ Fair enough question!

Well, here are the reasons because of which I loved my whole experience of browsing and shopping through this website.

Look and feel
As a brand, LensKart has come of ages in literally no time. While most of the e-commerce portal concentrated only on Ready to Wear, and gave little importance to eye-wears, LensKart chose the other way around. As soon as I landed on the homepage I could see the ‘Chat Now’ tab right at the bottom on the left hand side of the portal, which made me feel- “wow, I already have help out here if I need some advice and want to enquire about any product that is listed on the portal.”

It was evident that the site’s focus was on providing all the solutions related to the eye wear category (I want to congratulate their team here in justifying the attachment of the brands name with the actual products that are being sold on the portal), and trust you me- you will never run out on options once you browse through the website.

Near perfect navigation
I have always hated websites, wherein, I have had to wait for millions of years just to get even one page loaded, and this is where this portal scores the most for me. The site runs at a supreme speed and allows you to navigate through various categories with utmost ease. Maintaining your shopping cart is a real simple process, and so is using your discount coupons or gift vouchers to buy your favourite products.

I particularly like the hues that Lenskart has used in developing their website, which is easy on eyes and doesn’t scream for attention, but rather focuses on performance. You can locate their stores easily, call their 24×7 helpline number to get any support or track your orders which is of utmost importance for any website that sells products online.

The X-factor
Has to be the content that not only explains the brands that are listed, but the kind of styles that are present across categories. I browsed through the sunglasses (you can check them here – and found my favourite aviators there which I have been longing for a long time ever since I lost my last pair. But that’s what all the sites do right? Wrong!

While all the other sites might give you a little information on what the product and brand is all about, not many talk about the type of faces those particular style of sunglasses would suit and that is where LensKart impressed me the most.

Let’s be honest, not all of us have the idea of what kind of sunglasses suits on what type of faces, but if you scroll their page down (on the link listed above), and read about the sunglasses, you would find all the necessary information that you need there and well, it becomes easier to choose what’s best for you!

Few other things that work as an add-on for the website are:

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–       14 days return policy.

–       Cash on delivery

–       24×7 help on: (0) 99-99-8 99-99-8

–       Free shipping

–       Last, but not the least, home eye check-up service:

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