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Budweiser Raises the Volume: Elevates India’s Music Scene with Unparalleled Experiences

Budweiser Raises the Volume: Elevates India’s Music Scene with Unparalleled Experiences

Budweiser 2 Budweiser Raises the Volume: Elevates India's Music Scene with Unparalleled Experiences

Drawing from a decade-long legacy of reshaping India’s musical landscape, Budweiser, the global brand under AB InBev, is amplifying its presence at premier music festivals, crafting unforgettable moments for festival enthusiasts. The brand has formed partnerships with renowned Indian and global music festivals such as DGTL, Echoes of Earth, Magnetic Fields, Boiler Room, and Lollapalooza, disrupting the electronic music and hip-hop scene in the country. Within these musical encounters, Budweiser is set to unveil ‘BudX Uncovered,’ an initiative designed to showcase emerging talents and in-demand artists. Furthermore, the brand aims to immerse festival-goers in experiences that seamlessly blend music, art, fashion, and culture, fostering a more meaningful engagement with the brand.

Vineet Sharma, VP Marketing & Trade Marketing at AB InBev India, emphasized the brand’s commitment to enhancing India’s music scene. Budweiser has introduced numerous international IPs like EDC, Sensation, DGTL, Boiler Room, and Lollapalooza to India, alongside collaborations with homegrown festivals such as VH1 Supersonic, Echoes of Earth, and Magnetic Fields. The creation of the ‘BudX’ music platform and initiatives like ‘BudX Uncovered’ showcase the brand’s distinctive approach to music, placing a spotlight on emerging talents and delivering a unique experience that resonates deeply with consumers.

In its association with marquee music festivals, Budweiser has consistently partnered with premium music IPs like Boiler Room, Lollapalooza, DGTL, and more. In 2023, the brand is set to take over the BudX Generator Stage at DGTL, featuring a lineup of popular artists. At Magnetic Fields, Budweiser will dominate the BudX North Stage, presenting performances by notable artists. Embracing Echoes of Earth’s eco-conscious theme, Budweiser plans to transform the Serpent stage using recycled materials.

‘BudX Uncovered’ epitomizes the brand’s commitment to elevating the festival experience and investing in the music ecosystem. Budweiser will provide a global stage for emerging acts or artists performing in India for the first time, reflecting the brand’s dedication to nurturing creativity and innovation in the music space.

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To enhance festival experiences, Budweiser will curate immersive moments at DGTL, featuring attractions like an anamorphic bar, an AI prompt station, and stations for piercings and tattoos. Beyond on-ground experiences, the brand has collaborated with Spotify for “BudX on Spotify,” a global initiative unveiling the unique stories and sounds of emerging artists. This collaboration will introduce curated playlists, artist recommendations, exclusive merch, and tickets to Budweiser’s music experiences.

Fusing music, art, and fashion, Budweiser is collaborating with top brands and designers for exclusive festival merch drops at each event. This includes sustainable sunglasses for Echoes of Earth and jackets for Magnetic Fields, featuring brands like Superkicks, COCO, LENI, and Kardo. These limited edition festival merch drops allow attendees to actively participate in the festival experience, taking home the vibrant atmosphere and artistic essence of each event.

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