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15 Things That Guys Want To Say To Girls, But Fail To!

15 Things That Guys Want To Say To Girls, But Fail To!


Are you a frustrated boyfriend? Are you going to burst any moment?

Don’t worry; you are not the only one. There are quite a few of us who just can’t convey their inner thoughts to their girl(s). At time we know what we have to say, but can’t, because she just wouldn’t listen!

So, here we are with all the fine points that run into a man’s mind, which every girl needs to know and understand. And if you can, then respect!

1. Men are not magicians; they cannot read your mind. If you want something, then just say it.
2. Learn to work the washroom seat, you’re a young lady. On the off chance that it’s up, put it down. You don’t hear us whining when you abandon it down.
3. Crying equals to being blackmailed. Once the tears start rolling there is no conversation. So, avoid shading tears, let there be a chance for a conversation.
4. Ask for what you need. Give us a chance to be sure about this one: Subtle insights don’t work! Solid indications don’t work! Evident indications don’t work! Simply say it!
5. Anything we said 6 months back is unacceptable and not valid in a debate that is on today. Truth be told, all remarks get to be invalid and void following 7 days. It’s better to move on, instead of holding onto it forever!
6. If you believe you’re fat, you most likely are. Try not to ask us.
7. If something we said can be translated two ways and one of the ways makes you pitiful or irate, we implied the other one.
8. You can either request that we accomplish something or let us know how you need it done. Not both! And if you know how to take care of the business, then why not do it yourself?
9. Whenever possible, please say whatever you need to while it’s commercial time on television.
10. Christopher Columbus did not require directions and neither do we.
11. All men see in just 16 hues. Peach, for instance, is an organic product, not shading. Pumpkin is additionally an organic product. We have no clue what mauve is.
12. If you pose a question you don’t need a response to, expect an answer you would prefer not to listen.
13. When we need to go out, anything that you wear is completely fine by us… truly.
14. You have enough garments, enough shoes. So stop saying ‘ I have nothing to wear today.’
15. I am fit as a fiddle, round is a shape!

Here’s a video that throws a bit of more light onto it.

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– Meher Sethi

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