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7 common fashion faux pas to avoid

7 common fashion faux pas to avoid

tshirt 7 common fashion faux pas to avoid

When it comes to fashion, it’s fairly easy to commit a faux pas. But after a certain age, they are simply unpardonable; you can’t be a sloppy Joe after you are 25.

In college, wearing sneakers with everything may have been alright, but not in the grown up world. Just be yourself and follow the rule book.

Buttoning all the buttons of jackets and blazers

bu 7 common fashion faux pas to avoid

Most men try and follow the textbook style, which is fine, but it’s not always a great idea to replicate everything you see in a brand’s catalogue.

Something which looks absolutely perfect on a European model may not look good on you. Always leave the second button of the suit jacket open and fasten the top button if it’s a formal setting. Buttoning both the buttons, or in some cases, all the three buttons, makes it more Vatican cardinal than fashion forward.

Also, if it’s a casual setting, then leave both the buttons open and let your polo shirt underneath breathe easy. Not staying all buttoned up all the time has its perk—you show off your worked-out physique and radiate nonchalance.

Tucking the T-shirt inside the track pants

tshirt 7 common fashion faux pas to avoid

Especially at the gym, one sees a lot of guys making this faux pas. Athletic wear is supposed to let you move more freely and offer ample functionality.

Let the T-shirt be outside and sometimes, if it’s an extra-large size you may perhaps tuck it in partially but neatly.

Leaving the shirt collar on the suit lapel

It’s not a 70s action film that your elongated shirt collar is popping out of your suit jacket! This usually happens when men aren’t wearing a neck tie or a bow tie. However, ensure that the collars are neatly tucked inside the suit lapels and aren’t peeking out.

Wearing black shoes with brown trousers

pexels photo 10409982 7 common fashion faux pas to avoid

In the world of fashion, black and brown together make for strange bedfellows. Try to avoid throwing them together. Instead, pair your brown trousers with grey shoes and let the black shoes complement every other thing: black trousers, denims, etc.

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Matching pocket square with the tie

It may work sometimes, but matching everything goes too far. If you want your pocket square to complement your bow tie, then try choosing the colour and print from a similar family. Say picking a jewel-toned dotted tie and a pocket square with another print in a similar colour. For instance, pairing fuchsia with aubergine.

Wearing a belt at the gym

Another major faux pas! Your track pants have an elastic band which ensures that they stay firmly stuck to your waist. And in case you are wearing gym shorts, they should be well tailored too. Belts and gym wear simply don’t go together. In case your sweatpants are loose, get them tailored, but don’t add a leather belt.

Wearing sport socks with formal shoes

Currently, sporty chic may be all the rage on runways across the world, but that’s no excuse to club your gym socks with brogue derbies.

Go for the invisible ones if you want to give the impression of being ‘sock-less’ since you can’t possibly go sock-less in humid Indian climate. Otherwise, opt for the dress socks which match the trousers and if you want to let the socks to pop then choose them in a vibrant tone.

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