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How True You Should Be On First Date

How True You Should Be On First Date


There’s only so much a girl and a guy can share on a first date. And let’s be honest, we all have our dark sides and secrets (of secrets), which we do not want to reveal to anyone else in our life, let alone be our first date.

But, as you must know, there is an old saying- relationships based on lie, do not survive long. However, what needs to be understood here is that lying and not telling (a particular thing or two), are two different things altogether- isn’t it? However, that’s a different story and we are not going to go there.

That brings us to our topic of this article- do you really need to be honest on your first date?

Well, we say, all you have to be is be smart in terms of what you talk, which can give you a better idea if you want things to move on to the next level or not.

Because you are a gentleman

lin How True You Should Be On First Date
Let’s face it, girls definitely get hots for guys they know are gentlemen and do not resort to lying to represent a picture of themselves that they are not. Instead of bragging about things that you do not hold strong knowledge about and end up looking like a stupid, talk about your hobbies, which is a great way to connect with your ‘muddy’ date. Ask questions that can help you both connect to each other and also find out a common interest that can help break the ice and get her to talking and sharing her perspective on it.

For some people, a first date is always as nerve raking as a job interview, so why make it more difficult and awkward than it has to be, right?

To stay real, even after the date is over
Why should you stay real, ehh? No matter what is your walk of life or gender, everyone is afraid to be rejected, but there is nothing wrong with receiving rejections. What is wrong is to take such rejection in a negative way instead of improving ourselves or disagreeing with the reasons for that rejection.
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Ask yourself for a moment with utmost sincerity that even a rejection can help you become a better man and help you have a better experience next time when you are out on a date. Either way, everything we do in life is a risk, don’t let the fear of one rejection change that. If he/she is interested in you enough to schedule a first date, then you have better chances of retention if you are for real.

To avoid confusion in the future
Imagine yourself in a situation, wherein, you say something to your date in the first meeting in regards to a subject or about you for that matter, but fail to recall it in the second meet, just because you are not sure of what you uttered to her in the first place. It only takes one moment of weakness for a girl to pouch on and figure out that you are not something that you claim to be, which can lead the communication to be heavy-hearted and full of confusions.

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First Date Tips, Dating Tips, Relationship Advice, Relationship Tips, What Women Want, Dating Advice

To know if you both are compatible
Talk about your favourite bands, gigs, how you once learnt how to play the kazoo to impress your friends or why you’re desperate to read the next in the series of your favourite books, this will help you know if you both are compatible to each other or not or whether there would be any interest for a second date or not.

SR’s View: We certainly believe that you should be all honest, in relevance, and not try to be something you are not. If you happen to spend next five years or even rest of your life with this girl, she would invariably know all about you. So, why not start now… but as we said – IN Relevance!

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