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Bruno Aunty – An Introduction!

Bruno Aunty – An Introduction!

Hello lovelies,

This is my first post here on StyleRug, and today I am just going to introduce my-ever-so-young-self to you guys.

For starters, my name is Miss Bruno, but you are going to call me Bruno Aunty!

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I Am Your Bruno Aunty

No sexy, no hottie, no darling, nothing naughty… just Bruno Aunty.

Now ask me, Bruno Aunty, what are you here for?

Well- this is why!

I have spent 70 summers on this planet earth (this is my 71st going on), and all these years I have seen guys make same mistakes time and again. Same boring style of wearing clothes and same-lame-tame way of scoring girl(s).

That Has To Change! 

Your style statements has to change, your pick-up lines has to grow! In straight words; in Bruno Aunty’s words actualy, you need to be taught, how to whamie a girl at the first go- no time wasting! And considering that all you adolescent ones are no expert, someone had to come to rescue you, right?

Voila.. here I am!

You and me… me and you…we together… we are going to talk fashion….we are going to talk sex… and we are going to talk…….. well… not all has to be written, but I tell you what… I will cane the bloody man out of your boyhood! Because you see, gorgeous girls like me- they like men- not boys!

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Be assured, I will make you one!

While I am going to get to work soon for you guys, for now I want you to go and follow me on my social media pages so that we can talk more regularly without waiting for a post to pop up here. You see, I have made all these exclusive pages to be directly in touch with you.


Don’t be ignorant like a boy… be a man.. go ahead and follow the pages.

And I will come up with my first post soon… Wednesday (10th of may 2017) to be precise!

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