There is one question that we all ask each other, almost every weekend! And that question is – where is the freaking party? Well, parties happen in every second building of every god-damn town (yeah they all like calling themselves- nightclub). But what matters is the place that not only has the best music, alcohol and ambience, but also the overall setup.

And with new clubs popping up every day, the heat is on for crazy concepts and one-of-a-kind venues. Keeping that in mind, we at thought of listing four nightclubs, what we think, are one of the top nightclubs in the world.  So, the next time when you pack to any of the countries where these nightclubs are, you know just where to let your feet get lose.

PRIVILEGE, San Rafael, Ibiza

Touted as the world’s largest nightclub, PRIVILEGE is the best game in town. Spread in an area of around 30000 square feet, Privilege offers swimming pool, stage, 16 bars, garden, viewing dome, on-site memorabilia and the best dance floor. Hovered over the central swimming pool showcasing Trapeze artists, flame jugglers and stilt walkers, makes it the best place for serious night owls.

GUACARA TAINA (THE CAVE), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

What else could be better than to go underground and feel the weekend bash. Yes, The CAVE,  is one of the unique night clubs, which is 60 feet below the earth surface and can accommodate around 3000 party freaks at the same time. Smartly designed with three dance floor around the cleft and seating area in the natural twists of the limestone walls, The CAVE is one of the top Night Club to enjoy the meringue show, originated in Dominican Republic. But before you seat for the best show in town, don’t forget to pick your goblet to raise the fun meter.

HALIKARNAS, Bodrum, Turkey

Halikarnas is the largest open-air nightclub, with half-dozen bars catering around 10,000 people on a beach surrounded by pillars and palm trees. Big-name DJ’s and laser show around 85feet high fountain, makes Halikarnas as one of the top Night Clubs in our list. So check your travelling bag and get ready to dance under the sky.

The Guvernment, Toronto

This 22,000-square-foot nightclub has been around for over a decade, and has won EYE Magazine’s “Best Dance Club” award twice during its reign. With so much space, this venue draws both DJ talent and décor from all over the world—disco balls and white drapery recall Miami nightclubs, and red-velvet-drenched alcoves filled with hookah smoke summon Moroccan culture. Rather than travel the world in search of the best nightclub, why not let the sounds and sights of the world’s best clubs come to you?

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