Motorcycle Museums You Need to Rev Up For

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum - Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Brace yourself for sensory overload in this sprawling sanctuary for vintage bikes. Over 1,400 gleaming machines from across the globe, from gleaming Harley-Davidsons to quirky European oddities, await your admiring gaze 

Moto Guzzi Museum - Mandello del Lario, Italy 

Step into the hallowed birthplace of the iconic Moto Guzzi eagle. Nestled on the shores of Lake Como, this intimate museum tells the story of the Italian legend, showcasing over 80 motorcycles spanning the brand's 100-year history.  

National Motorcycle Museum - Birmingham, England 

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of British motorcycle history. With over 800 bikes from iconic brands like Triumph, Norton, and BSA, this museum celebrates the ingenuity and grit that put Britain on two wheels. 

Ducati Museum - Bologna, Italy 

Immerse yourself in the fiery spirit of Ducati at their museum in the historic Borgo Panigale factory. A shrine to Bologna's roaring red beasts, it features legendary racing machines, futuristic prototypes, and the captivating evolution of Italian design. 

Honda Collection Hall - Motegi, Japan 

Get a glimpse into the technological prowess of Honda. This futuristic museum, located at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit, showcases over 80 motorcycles that tell the story of Honda's relentless pursuit of innovation. 

BMW Museum - Munich, Germany 

Prepare for a journey through German engineering excellence. Situated near the Olympic Park, this museum presents over 130 iconic BMW motorcycles, from the earliest boxer twins to the cutting-edge S 1000 RR superbike. 

Harley-Davidson Museum - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 

Feel the rumble of American freedom in this temple to the Harley-Davidson legend. Located in the heart of Motor City, this museum takes you on a roaring journey through the history of the American motorcycle.  

Suzuki History Museum - Hamamatsu, Japan 

Uncover Suzuki's rich history at their headquarters museum, showcasing 130+ motorcycles from the iconic Hayabusa to the GS500 commuter, witness Suzuki's dedication to performance. 

Triumph Factory Visitor Experience - Hinckley, England 

Go behind the scenes at the iconic Triumph factory. This interactive experience takes you on a journey through the design, engineering, and production of modern Triumph motorcycles.