Top 10 BMW Motorcycles That Revved Up History

1923 R 32

The granddaddy of them all, the R 32 established the iconic boxer engine and shaft drive layout that defines BMW motorcycles. Its simple elegance and groundbreaking technology paved the way for a century of Motorrad masterpieces.  

1926 R 57 Kompressor 

This supercharged beast was a technological marvel of its time, boasting a compressor that boosted its 500cc engine to a then-astonishing 52 horsepower. The R 57 dominated racetracks, proving BMW's prowess in speed and innovation.  

1969 R 75/5 

This all-rounder redefined touring motorcycles. With a smooth boxer engine, comfortable ergonomics, and legendary reliability, it became the go-to for adventurers seeking comfort and performance on long journeys. A timeless classic cherished by riders today. 

1980 R 80 G/S 

The R 80 G/S, adventure segment pioneer, with rugged construction, off-road prowess, and nimble handling, it redefined exploration. This game-changer opened up new riding possibilities, inspiring adventure bikes to this day. 

1983 K100RS 

BMW's liquid-cooled, four-cylinder pioneer. With sleek aerodynamics and a powerful engine, it was a technological marvel and visual stunner. A groundbreaking machine that redefined sport touring and paved the way for BMW's future performance lineup. 

1988 K1

The audacious K1 broke molds with its almost alien design and powerful six-cylinder engine, a head-turner on two wheels. While not a commercial hit, its engineering prowess and futuristic vision earned it a place in BMW's hall of fame. 

2009 S 1000 RR 

This track-focused beast unleashed BMW's full potential, with a screaming 1000cc engine, razor-sharp handling, and advanced electronics, it dominates any racetrack. A superbike that has redefined performance limits and dominated championships. 

2014 R nineT 

Retro-inspired beauty blending nostalgia with cutting-edge performance. With an air-cooled boxer engine, classic lines, and a customizable platform, it offers a timeless riding experience. The R nineT family breathes new life into BMW's heritage. 

2017 HP4 Race 

This limited-edition track weapon is the ultimate expression of BMW's engineering prowess. Its carbon fiber chassis, MotoGP-derived technology, and mind-blowing performance make it a machine for the elite few. 

2021 R 1250 GS 

The undisputed king of adventure bikes, the R 1250 GS, blends go-anywhere capability with refined on-road performance. Powered by a potent engine, equipped with advanced electronics, and boasting comfortable ergonomics, it's the ultimate all-rounder for conquering any terrain