8 Incredible Six-Cylinder Engine Motorcycles  

Honda Gold Wing GL1800 

Undisputed luxury touring king with a six-cylinder powerhouse, the 1,832cc engine glides effortlessly across continents. Plush amenities and advanced tech make every mile a pampering experience, envision cruising Route 66 with the Gold Wing's baritone soundtrack.  

Honda Valkyrie 

A muscle cruiser with a heart of gold, the Valkyrie is a modern interpretation of the classic chopper. Its 1,520cc engine churns out enough torque to launch you past startled Harley riders, while its surprisingly nimble handling ensures you can carve corners with surprising agility 

Honda CBX1000 

A legend from the golden age of motorcycling, was a technological marvel with its 1,047cc engine, six individual carburetors, and distinctive exhaust note. Owning a CBX is owning a piece of motorcycle history, showcasing Honda's engineering excellence. 

Kawasaki Z1300 

A legend from the 1980s, was a powerful brute disguised as a cruiser. With its 1,286cc engine, it delivered monstrous power and acceleration, yet its comfortable ergonomics made it suitable for long-distance rides. 

Benelli 750 Sei 

The only Italian entry on our list, the Benelli 750 Sei was a unique and innovative machine. Its 748cc engine, with its three banks of cylinders stacked like coins, was a marvel of compact design. A testament to Italian motorcycle engineering at its finest.

BMW K1600 

The ultimate German touring machine, the K1600 is a technological marvel on two wheels. Its 1,649cc engine is a masterpiece of smoothness and power, while its electronic wizardry ensures a safe and comfortable ride even on the longest journeys 

Horex VR6 Roadster 

A rare and exotic German beast, the Horex VR6 Roadster is a rolling sculpture of motorcycle art. Its 1,200cc VR6 engine, the only of its kind in the motorcycle world, is a work of mechanical beauty.  

Suzuki Stratosphere Concept 

Never reaching production, the Stratosphere is a glimpse into what could have been. Its 1,470cc six-cylinder engine, housed in a futuristic and aerodynamic body, promised mind-blowing performance and otherworldly handling.