11 Beginner-Friendly Sports Motorcycle in 2024 

Kawasaki Ninja 400 

This lightweight legend is practically synonymous with beginner sport bikes. Its 399cc engine packs enough punch for highway riding, while its forgiving handling and comfortable ergonomics make learning a breeze. 

Yamaha YZF-R3 

A close contender to the Ninja 400, the YZF-R3 boasts a slightly more aggressive riding position and a touch more power from its 321cc engine. Its sporty handling and confidence-inspiring brakes make it a great choice for riders who want to push their limits a bit.  

Honda CBR500R 

The reliability of CBR500R is a fantastic option for first-time riders. Its 471cc engine offers smooth, linear power delivery, while its comfortable riding position and excellent fuel economy make it perfect for both commuting and weekend adventures.  

Suzuki GSX250R 

Don't let the smaller engine size fool you – the GSX250R is a blast to ride. Its 248cc engine is surprisingly spunky, and its lightweight handling makes it a nimble corner carver. Plus, its affordability makes it a great entry point into the sport bike world.  

KTM RC 390

For those who crave a bit more edge, the KTM RC 390 delivers a thrilling ride. Its 373cc engine is a firecracker, and its sharp handling and aggressive riding position make it a blast on twisty roads. Just be prepared for a slightly steeper learning curve.  

Triumph Trident 660

This British beauty brings a touch of sophistication to the beginner sport bike scene. Its 660cc engine offers smooth, controllable power, while its neutral riding position and comfortable seat make it great for longer rides. Plus, its timeless design is sure to turn heads.  

Aprilia RS 660 

If Italian flair is your thing, the RS 660 is a stunner. Its 659cc engine is a technological marvel, and its sharp handling and aggressive riding position make it a track-worthy beast. Just be prepared for a higher price tag and a slightly more demanding ride.  

Hyosung GT250R 

This Korean contender offers impressive value for money. Its 249cc engine is peppy and fun, while its comfortable ergonomics and easy handling make it a great choice for new riders. Plus, it comes packed with features like ABS and fuel injection. 

BMW G 310 GS

Not all beginner-friendly bikes have to be purebred sport bikes. The G 310 GS is a versatile adventure bike with a punchy 313cc engine and comfortable upright riding position. It's perfect for those who want to explore both paved and unpaved roads with confidence.  

Suzuki SV650 

A versatile middleweight with sporty performance and upright ergonomics. Its 645cc V-twin offers smooth power for new riders, while a comfortable riding position and agile handling make it perfect for longer rides and twisty roads. 

Yamaha MT-03

A perfect choice for lovers of naked bike aesthetics. With shared components from the YZF-R3, this streetfighter-style bike packs 321cc of punchy power, coupled with an upright and aggressive riding position.