10 Most Iconic Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ever

1903 Model 1 

This humble single-cylinder machine, with its leather belt drive and wooden saddle, might seem primitive today, but it laid the foundation for Harley's future. It was the spark that ignited a passion for American motorcycles, paving the way for a century of innovation and iconic rides. 

1936 EL Knucklehead 

A brute with clenched-fist rocker covers, powerful V-twin, teardrop tank, and an aggressive stance. Defining the Harley chopper aesthetic, it starred in "The Wild One," forever cementing its rebel image.  

1949 Panhead

The Panhead, a sleek evolution of the Knucklehead, was a technological marvel with improved performance and iconic elegance. Even Elvis Presley rode one, securing its place in pop culture history.  

1957 XL Sportster 

A game-changer bringing Harley's performance to an affordable, accessible platform. Its smaller size and sporty handling made it perfect for younger riders and urban streets. Still popular, it's a testament to enduring appeal. 

1965 FL Electra Glide 

King of touring, it revolutionized long-distance rides with an electric starter, full fairing, and spacious storage. From police fleets to open road adventurers, it became synonymous with comfortable journeys and wind in your hair 

1970 XR-750 

Harley's response to the British racing scene, the XR-750, was a track beast. Lightweight, powerful, and aggressive, it dominated dirt and flat tracks in the 1970s. A flat-track legend, it showcased Harley's ability to compete beyond the cruiser world.  

1990 Fat Boy 

Harley's epitome of bold style, redefining cruisers with wide tires, low stance, and stretched forks. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ride in "Terminator 2" solidified its badass image. 

1994 VR1000 

The VR1000, a radical departure from traditional V-twins. A liquid-cooled sportbike pushing performance boundaries, showcasing Harley's ability to innovate, even if it wasn't a commercial hit.  

2002 VRSC V-Rod 

The V-Rod, a muscle bike in disguise with a revolutionary 60-degree cylinder engine for mind-blowing power and a sleek, modern aesthetic. Proving Harley can embrace technology while staying rebellious. 

2008 Road King Classic 

A return to Harley's roots, capturing the essence of American touring with a batwing fairing, spacious saddlebags, and classic styling. Perfect for long, lazy rides, it remains a popular choice for cruising in timeless Harley style.