Phone Hacking: 10 Red Flags to Watch For

By: Sanjay Verma

Keep an eye on your phone's battery; excessive power drain may result from malware or rogue apps. Spy apps often drain battery as they hide on your phone. If you notice unusual and frequent power loss, review your app list for hidden or unwanted applications.

Unusual Battery Drain

If your phone heats up when not in use, it could be due to a faulty case, poor charging conditions, or a potential hacker or spy app.

Phone Overheating 

Ever had unfamiliar followers or unnoticed account permissions? Hacking apps often do this for follower growth and account access. Unfamiliar posts on your social media? Potential breach. Email issues on your phone? Device could be compromised.

Uncommon Social Activity

Experiencing unexpected smartphone issues? Unstable updates or unwanted spy apps could be the cause. Unexplained glitches, slowing down, and unusual resource consumption may signal spyware.

Unexplained Glitches

Phone restarts or enters Airplane mode? It might be hacked. Check firmware and then security. Watch for random app crashes, reboots, and screen lighting up, often tied to malware.

Phone's Mysterious Behavior

Sudden phone ads indicate app interference. Beware of fake virus alerts and push notifications that could signal adware infections; avoid tapping them.

Unexpected Ad Popups

Beware of fake apps, stay vigilant, review your app list, and uninstall unfamiliar ones, as they could be spyware. Only download apps from trusted sources and carefully inspect app details before installation.

Fake Mobile Apps

In a world of unlimited Wi-Fi, high mobile data consumption raises suspicion. Apps with background activity permissions can contribute. Check data-draining apps and their reasons, considering removal if unclear.

Abnormal Data Consumption

Distinguishing Between Image Cache and Mystery Photos. People often overlook unidentified photos in their albums, assuming they are their own. However, these may signal a phone hack.

Unrecognized Photos

Suspicious messages sent from your phone may contain personal information. Apps should not send messages without your consent. Use antivirus software or online security checkers to protect against hacking or spying.

Mysterious Sent Messages