Discover 8 Midjourney Substitutes

By: Sanjay Verma

Jasper Art is a standout AI image generator with rapid image creation, user-friendly interface, versatile customization, and watermark-free images, including celebrities. It offers a suite of content writing tools, making it a top choice for AI creativity.

Jasper Art

Adobe's AI, Adobe Firefly, excels at creating art from text. It offers various image generation models and is perfect for Adobe suite users to enhance their image creation skills.

Adobe Firefly

DALL-E 2 by OpenAI is a speedy and versatile AI art generator launched in 2022. Users have rights to generated images, with integration on Microsoft-backed platforms, content safeguards, and regular updates. Keep prompts brief and consider additional software for detailed editing.


Microsoft's Bing Image Creator, available in Bing Chat, is a beginner-friendly AI image generator with web and mobile access. While generating over 25 images per day might slow the process, it's a convenient free tool for basic image adjustments.

Bing Image Creator

Stable Diffusion, a free AI image generator, is a versatile Midjourney alternative. It's installable on PCs with 8GB VRAM and offers high-quality, customizable image generation. Though it requires some learning, it's valuable for businesses needing efficient AI art.

Stable Diffusion

Leonardo.Ai, a promising text-to-image generator, excels in game asset creation, offers AI model training, and produces top-quality character portraits. Its use isn't limited to gaming; it's excellent for character illustration and avatar creation across various media.


NightCafe: AI art generator offers various styles, easy start, active community, and optional high-res images at an extra cost. While image generation can be slower for high volumes, it's popular among millions of users worldwide for versatile artistic creation.


Dream by Wombo: AI art generator for abstract designs. User-friendly, mobile-friendly, and suitable for NFT art. Some NSFW flagging issues and ads in the free plan, but it's an excellent alternative for creating quality AI-generated images.

Dream by Wombo