8  Ways to Impress a Woman

Authenticity is key. Be yourself and let your true personality shine.

1. Be Genuine

Treat her with respect and kindness. Manners and courtesy go a long way.

2. Show Respect

Pay attention to what she says. Listening shows you value her thoughts and feelings.

3. Be a Good Listener

Make her laugh. A good sense of humor is attractive and can lighten the mood.

4. Sense of Humour

Confidence is attractive. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

5. Show Confidence

Show that you’re there for her through thick and thin. Be her rock.

6. Be Supportive

Put effort into planning dates. Thoughtful and creative plans show you care.

7. Plan Thoughtful Date

Ambition is attractive. Show her that you have goals and are working to achieve them.

8. Be Ambitiou

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