Google Pixel 8 vs. Apple and Samsung: Top 10 Features

By: Sanjay verma

"Google has globally introduced the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, blending hardware enhancements and revolutionary AI capabilities that redefine smartphones. Explore the top 10 Google Pixel 8 Series features challenging Apple and Samsung, making them a compelling choice."

Pixel Call Screen

Call Screen, demonstrated by Google, identifies callers' intentions, blocking scams and aiding with legitimate delivery instructions, streamlining call management and safeguarding against potential fraud

New Temperature Sensor

The Pixel 8 Pro debuts an innovative infrared temperature sensor within its metal camera visor. This sensor serves a dual function by allowing users to monitor body temperature for health alerts and swiftly assess object temperatures for safety.

Best Take and Magic Editor

Google allows users to pick the best face from a series of photos taken during a session, ensuring the perfect shot. If someone's eyes are closed in the chosen photo, you can easily select another where their eyes are open.

Night Sight for Videos

Google's Night Sight, initially for low-light photos, now enhances low-light video on the Pixel 8 series, expanding its usefulness to videos.

Zoom Enhance

Google's new feature, Zoom Enhance, employs AI to improve the sharpness of zoomed-in photos, potentially rivaling optical zoom quality in flagship smartphones. This innovation may redefine the importance of optical zoom in the world of mobile photography.

Video Boost

Pixel's Video Boost makes two video copies: one on your device and in the cloud, while the other undergoes processing for better low-light quality. Processing notifies you when it's done.

Audio Magic Eraser

Google's Audio Magic Eraser is a noise-reduction feature for videos, removing background noise on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. It works with videos from other devices too, offering versatile noise cancellation.

Google Assistant with Bard

The Google Assistant on Pixel devices is set to integrate Bard, a feature utilizing Generative AI for personalized and intuitive responses. Shown at the Made by Google event, it will assist users in tasks such as captioning social media posts with hashtags.

Seven Years of Software Support

Google provides an exceptional seven-year software support package for the Pixel 8 series, including major OS updates, security patches, and Pixel Feature Drops, outlasting other Android phone brands.

1TB Storage Option

Google offers a 1TB storage option for Pixel 8 Pro, ideal for power users, gamers, and content creators with extensive storage needs.

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