The Enigmatic Tale of Smash Mouth and 'All Star '

By: Sanjay Verma Oct 5, 2023

Smash Mouth and lead singer Steve Harwell had a complex relationship with fame.

Smash Mouth's first major success came with the 1997 single 'Walkin' On The Sun'.

'All Star' was a pivotal moment in Smash Mouth's career and became a cultural phenomenon.

It was originally written as an uplifting anthem for fans.

The song had subversive lyrics, addressing social and environmental issues.

'All Star' achieved massive success and was featured in Shrek, further boosting its popularity.

The song became the subject of numerous internet memes and remixes.

Steve Harwell's health declined due to long-term medical issues and substance abuse.

Steve Harwell passed away at age 56, leaving a lasting legacy with 'All Star.'

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