Rainbow Motorcycle Club

By: Sanjay Verma

Rainbow Motorcycle Club (Rainbow MC or RMC) is a San Francisco-based gay men's motorcycle club founded in 1971 by Ron Johnson, Mario Pirami, and Paul Denino.

This club played a role in the creation of the bear subculture among gay men in the 1980s and 1990s.

The RMC operates with a unique credo: "No Rules, No Committees."

Notably, it has no charter, constitution, officers, or membership dues.

Initiated members are often referred to as "Rainbows" or "Rainbros."

While San Francisco is its base, RMC has members in other locations such as Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Gulfport, Florida, and Georgia.

Joining the RMC only requires recognition by existing members and does not mandate motorcycle ownership.

The club employs a "hangaround" period to evaluate potential members, distinguishing them from the typical prospect status seen in other clubs.

Once initiated, new members hold the status of "Baby," a role akin to prospects in other clubs, serving until the next member joins.

RMC members participate in various activities, including motorcycle runs, parties, and fundraising events at venues like 544 Natoma and the Hole in the Wall Saloon in San Francisco.