Compact Adventure: Toyota's Land Hopper SUV

By: Sanjay verma

Toyota introduced the latest-generation Land Cruiser Prado earlier this year.

A smaller off-roader SUV was revealed alongside the Land Cruiser, sparking speculation about its role in the lineup.

This compact off-roader is rumored to be called the 'Land Hopper' and is expected to serve as an entry-level model in Toyota's expanding off-road SUV lineup.

Toyota's use of the 'Land Hopper' name may be limited to certain regions, with different branding strategies planned for other markets.

Possibilities for the North American market include reviving the 'FJ Cruiser' name or using a name like 'Compact Cruiser.'

The Land Hopper is expected to have dimensions of approximately 4,351mm in length, 1,854mm in width, and 1,879mm in height.

These dimensions make it significantly smaller than the 4Runner, Toyota's existing off-roader.

Powertrain options are still under consideration, with the possibility of a classic four-cylinder engine or a hybrid powertrain.

The Land Hopper is based on a shorter version of the GA-F platform, shared with models like the 300-series Land Cruiser and Lexus GX. Toyota may unveil further details at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, potentially positioning it as a competitor to the "Suzuki Jimny

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