Ronda Rousey

One of the most shocking moments at Money in the Bank was when Shayna Baszler turned on Ronda Rousey, bringing their partnership and championship reign to an abrupt end.

Since then, a new report indicates that Rousey gave WWE a “hard out” date and she will be leaving soon. This explains why everything here happened so quickly.

Rousey credits Baszler for sparking her pro wrestling fandom, so Ronda may be is looking to put Shayna over on her way out.

A match at SummerSlam between the two women is likely, and perhaps it will be a multi-match program if Ronda’s hard out date is some time after SummerSlam.

Given the way the betrayal angle played out at Money in the Bank, it’s possible that Ronda will be going out as a babyface.

In 2018, Ronda Rousey surprised the world when she made her debut in WWE.

As one of the pioneers of the women’s revolution in WWE, Rousey played a crucial role in breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes.