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India's First Electric Truck

By StyleRug.Net July 25, 2023

Tresa Motors has taken the wraps off its inaugural electric Truck, the Model V0.1, which is built upon the groundbreaking Axial Flux Motor Platform: FLUX350

Presently, India’s fleet comprises 2.8 million trucks, contributing to 60% of emissions, underscoring the urgent necessity for zero-emission medium and heavy trucks.

Tresa Motors aims to lead this transition by providing secure, innovative, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional diesel trucks, offering the lowest total cost of ownership.

At the heart of Tresa’s trucks lies their cutting-edge Axial Flux Motor technology, known as FLUX350, capable of delivering up to 350kW continuous power

Months of intensive simulations in ANSYS and MATLAB were conducted to fine-tune hundreds of parameters before commencing the manufacturing process.

This Made in India product reflects the brand’s firm dedication to fostering local talent and driving economic growth.

The physical launch of Model V is scheduled to take place in the second quarter of FY2023.