Animal Facts

Fastest Dog Breeds IN the world

By Sanjay Verma

Sep 18, 2023

10- Wolfhound

The wolfhound hails from Ireland and is believed to have originated from the Scottish Greyhound, earning its place among the largest dog breeds globally.

Speed 35 mph

 9- Borzoi

The name "Borzoi" means "Greyhound" in Russian, as it represents the quintessential greyhound in its homeland. This calm and contemplative dog is highly observant, taking a keen interest in its surroundings.

Speed 37 mph

8- Whippet

This short-coated greyhound boasts impressive muscularity, likely originating from a crossbreeding between the Greyhound and either a Fox Terrier or a Small Italian Greyhound.

Speed 38 mph

7-English Greyhound

This breed is recognized for its remarkable speed and originates from Great Britain. Sporting a sleek, short-haired coat and a robust muscular build, the Greyhound stands as one of the swiftest dog breeds.

Speed 40 mph

6-Afghan Greyhound

Named for its Afghan roots in the 1800s when Afghan Hounds were favored companions of the royal family in hunting, these agile sighthounds made their way to the West through British military officers following the India-Afghanistan wars.

Speed 40 mph

5-Greyhound Azawakh

Originating in North Africa near the Sahara desert, the North African Greyhound arrived in Europe around 1970. Primarily employed for hunting hares and other animals, it also serves as a versatile companion and guardian dog.

Speed 40 mph

4-Spanish Greyhound

The Spanish Greyhound, a purebred hailing from the Iberian Peninsula, is an ancient breed believed to trace its lineage back to the hunting dogs of Egypt's pharaonic courts, as experts suggest.

Speed 40 mph


The Arabian Greyhound, among the Egyptian dog breeds, remains relatively unknown in Western culture. It stands out with its tall and graceful body, wedge-shaped head, and relatively small triangular ears in proportion to its size.

Speed 42 mph


Saluki images, dating to 2134 BC, have been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, making it one of the Egyptian dog breeds. This breed, akin to a whippet, has a historical role as a hunter of gazelles, foxes, and rabbits.

Speed 44 mph


This breed is believed to have its origins traced back to the ancient Celts in Eastern Europe. Throughout history, it has been meticulously bred for its prowess as a maritime cat, excelling in hunting, pursuit, and racing.

Speed 45 mph