EV4: Kia's Visionary Concept


Kia continues to make a mark in EV design with the sleek and eye-catching EV6.

Upcoming EV models, including the EV9 and EV5 SUVs, bring a refreshing, boxy design to the SUV segment.

Kia's latest reveal is the EV4 sedan, featuring a unique, futuristic design.

The car's headlights draw inspiration from LeMans prototype racecars, sporting an extreme side offset and ultra-narrow vertical arrangement.

ThKia's design language for the EV4 is undeniably bold, making it stand out on the road.

While substantive specifications are yet to be released, the EV4's body and interior shots hint at exciting features.

The EV4 hints at a potential electrified successor to the Stinger GT ICE sedan but with fresh and futuristic appeal.


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