Dressing the Sandler Way: 11 Iconic and Outrageous Outfits

By sanjay verma

Adam Sandler's typical look for casual errands includes basketball shorts, a logo tee, and sneakers. It's his go-to style for everyday comfort and coolness.

Occasionally, Sandler surprises with a different style, like the day he wore a neon green puffer coat, a Hawaiian shirt, reddish brown khakis, and blue sneakers.

For a preppy Adam Sandler outfit, check his 2005 hand and footprint ceremony look, featuring a Yankees cap. He's an honorary Yankees New Era fan, just like Jay-Z.

Sandler's 1990s Saturday Night Live style and his guitar playing and singing talents often go underappreciated.

Hoodie-wearing Sandler is a consistent mood. Also, the mystery of how many sneakers he owns remains unsolved; it's got to be in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Sandler's jacket collection deserves more recognition. From camo to classics, he's had some great ones. Like the camo jacket he sported at the 2018 premiere of "The Week Of" with his wife, Jackie.

Adam Sandler dons a suit about once a year, maybe even skipping a year or two. While it's a rare sight, when he does wear one, he rocks it with style.

The iconic combo of the blue Superman logo shirt, red basketball shorts, and Air Jordans remains unbeaten – it's Superman with a street edge.

Adam Sandler sported an NYPD ball cap at the 1995 MTV Rock the Vote event, a distinctive '90s style moment.

During his five-year Saturday Night Live stint, Adam Sandler occasionally channeled his inner Kurt Cobain for a fun twist.

The classic MTV days! Shoutout to Sandler's awesome plaid outfit – a plaid shirt with a ball cap is an unexpectedly great combo.

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